Shaka Poké adds smart integration to the menu with Square.

Healthy food meets healthy growth.

Shaka Poké has been bringing quick, healthy eats to Dublin since 2017. Their journey began with a single food tent, which eventually led to their first brick-and-mortar establishment in Blackrock. However, after realising that juggling multiple programs and platforms was slowing down their process, they made the strategic decision to switch to Square – a move that offered them a smoother operational approach.

Owner Dave McParland walks us through how using one integrated POS system has helped them grow and open their second location, furthering their mission to bring healthy fast food and nitro coffee to the Dublin culinary scene.

One POS system that’s designed to handle your needs.

Before Square, Shaka Poké relied heavily on multiple platforms to stay afloat. However, their previous outdated systems weren’t keeping up with their growing demands. With the cohesive ecosystem Square offers, they’ve been able to navigate their business easier than ever before.

‘Going through all the features and realising that we could have everything in one space was one of the main reasons we switched.’

– Dave McParland
Co-owner, Shaka Poké

As Shaka Poké focuses on offering an elevated take on fast food, they are keen on ensuring their customers have an appetite for it. This is where Square Analytics plays a crucial role, providing helpful insights into their sales trends.

For instance, as they prepared to launch their second location, they recognised that the drinks fridge was smaller than their original setup. With the data Square has helped them collect, they confidently decided which beverages were in demand to stock in their limited space.

Dave McParland

Managing a growing team is easier than ever.

As Shaka Poké grows, there are always more details to consider. With Square Team Management, they’re able to manage their roster easily and keep an eye on when staff clock in and out. Plus, with the intuitive design of Square, training new staff members is simple and straightforward. By saving time with a streamlined process, Dave and his team are able to focus on serving their customers better and expanding their revenue.

‘We are a volume-based business, so it’s really dependent on getting as many orders out as possible.’

Dave McParland


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