Integrated tools built to manage your team


Start managing your team quickly and securely.

Get your team up and running

It’s simple to add a new team member in your Dashboard. Just put in their title, name, hourly or salary rate, and overtime exemption. With Team Plus you can add multiple wages for your team members.

One access level

Manage access to your POS and Dashboard so you can decide which data your team sees and whether they can give refunds or discounts.

Multiple access levels

Subscribe to Team Plus to create unlimited custom permission sets for different team members.

Let your team sell from anywhere

With permissions you can allow team members to sell on their own devices or on a device at another location, so they can make sales anywhere.


See how your team and business are performing.

Team member sales reporting

Run reports to view sales by team member or by shift to see who is selling the most and who could use some more guidance.

View employee activities

Monitor actions taken by individual team members through the Activity Log, such as refunds, discounts, and voided transactions. Filter by team member or action type to review activity at the POS.


The essentials for managing your team are free with your Square Point of Sale. Upgrading to Team Plus gives you access to more advanced tools, such as custom permissions, team member badges, reporting with employee attribution and more.