Square Online Checkout

The fast way to get paid online.

Easily create buy buttons and pay links.

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Accept payment almost anywhere – for free.

Pay only when you make a sale – 1.4% + 25c + VAT per transaction for EU/ EEA cards or 2.9% + 25c + VAT per transaction for UK/non-EEA cards. Subscription processing rate is 2.5% + VAT per transaction.

Fast and easy checkout

Customise your checkout page in a few steps: name it, add an image and price, even offer subscriptions and collect tips. Customer checkout is fast and easy with options like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Flexible formats

Pick the format option that works best for your business – payment links, buy buttons or QR codes. Share them through social media, email, text or on a website.

Advanced payment features

Unlike basic payment apps, Square Online Checkout lets you track payments and fulfil orders through delivery and collection. Your customers don’t need an account or special app to pay.

All kinds of businesses can take advantage of Square Online Checkout.


Accept donations, membership fees or offer subscriptions. Use the basic subscription feature to offer automatic renewal or collect regular contributions weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or bi-annually.

Professional services

Writers, landscapers, artists, therapists and other professionals can use Square Online Checkout to easily accept prepayment for their services or automatically charge for monthly services.

Health care and fitness

Simplify your existing billing process. Let your clients pay for classes, sessions and services by allowing them to enter the specific amount of their bill and submit payment online. No more paper cheques to process.

Remarkably flexible and shareable.

Use options like pay links, buy buttons or QR codes for whatever you’re selling and share them with customers in all kinds of ways.

Share payment links in emails

Customise your checkout page then copy and paste the link into emails, text messages or on social media. With one click you can accept online payments easily from multiple channels.

Put QR codes on print pieces

Make scannable QR codes and place them on mailers, flyers or signs to take customers directly to an online checkout page to pay on their mobile device. Accept remote and contact-free payments easily.

Embed buy buttons 
on websites

Save your link as an embeddable buy button and easily put it on your existing website or instantly add eCommerce to your blog. Customise the text on buttons to reflect a specific action like, ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Subscribe’. Even tailor the button colour to match your brand.

Build with Square Checkout API

Checkout API lets developers easily integrate a pre-built, Square-hosted checkout page into any workflow with minimal coding. Flexible features and a wide range of payment methods make this the perfect solution for businesses looking to add Square payments.

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EU and EEA card processing rate

1.4% + 25c + VAT

per online transaction

UK and non-EEA card processing rate

2.9% + 25c + VAT

per online transaction

Get started with Square Online Checkout.

Square Online Checkout is free to use. Pay only when you make a sale – 1.4% + 25c + VAT per transaction for EU/ EEA cards or 2.9% + 25c + VAT per transaction for UK/non-EEA cards. Subscription processing rate is 2.5% + VAT per transaction.

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