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Manage Google Channel Listings In Dashboard

With Square para Tiendas and Fichas de productos en Google, you can publish your existing item catalogs to online sales channels quickly and easily — making your items ready for sale with accurate attributes and fields. Once Google Product Listings have been activado for your Square Online website, you’ll see an enhancement banner in the Listados de canales section of your online Square Dashboard. This banner lets you review recommendations to improve the way your product listings are displayed online.

Get Started

Review the articles below to ensure you have set up Google Product Listings correctly with your Square for Retail and Square Online accounts.

Note: Ensure the atributos personalizados associated with your items are accurate and up to date. Common attributes associated with most retail products include age group, color, gender, size, and brand.

Manage your Google Product Listings

From the Listados de canales section of your online Square Dashboard, you can bulk edit, search or filter your listings so you can quickly view or edit the attributes of your listings.

Bulk Edit

You can bulk edit your listings using a CSV file by exporting your existing channel listings library, then reimporting your catalog. 

Tip: Do not modify headers or remove/delete any rows. We recommend only editing the values of the existing rows or the bulk edit may fail.

To bulk edit your listings:

  1. Under Listados de canales, click Bulk edit.

  2. Click Export library.

  3. Open the exported file and update the necessary fields in any spreadsheet software like Google Sheets.

  4. Save the file in CSV format.

  5. Go back to the Channel Listings page and click Bulk edit.

  6. Drag the CSV file on the page or click upload it from your computer to select the file.

  7. Click Import. You’ll see a confirmation screen once the import is complete. You’ll see a confirmation screen once the import is complete. If the import is incomplete, follow the instructions under “How to resolve” and try again.

Note: Only fields supported by your channel(s) will be editable for your existing channel listings. You cannot add new or delete existing listings.


You can filter your listings for seamless management or refined visibility. You can filter by:

  • Status: All statuses, Published, Needs attention, Recommended, Pending, Disabled, Unpublished. 

  • Channel: Only the channels you’ve set up will appear in this filter or select all.

  • Category: Filter by item category or select all.


Status Description
Disabled Item is disabled on the channel.
Pending Item was successfully published, but changes may not be reflected yet. Pending review by the channel.
Needs Attention Item was not successfully published due to errors.
Published Item was successfully published on the channel.
Recommended Item was successfully published, but there are some warnings or recommended changes for the item.
Unpublished Item has not been published on the channel yet.

Enhance Your Google Product Listings

  1. Go to Items on your Panel de Datos Square en línea and select Channel Listings.

  2. Click on a listing from the list provided, or click Review from the Enhance your listings banner at the top of the screen to review the recommendations for all product listings.

  3. From the Edit listing screen, you can view the attribute recommendations (highlighted in green) and click to apply them. You can also dismiss a recommendation by entering in a custom attribute value of your choice.

  4. Click Save if you’re updating a single listing or click Save and Continue if you’re reviewing multiple listings.

Important to note

  • If you dismiss the Enhance your listings banner, you can still update attributes associated with your product listings by following the same steps above.

  • Listings with invalid or missing information will not sync to channels and may result in listings not being visible to customers.

Enhanced Listings Attributes

Your attributes are added to your items automatically once you complete the Google Listings setup. You can fill in and edit the attributes from the Google Listings manager or from the Items > Atributos personalizados section of your online Square Dashboard. You can also navigate to the Merchant Center Account to view the enhanced field.

Attribute Type Description
Gender Select from Male, Female, or Unisex.
Age Group Select from the following age groups:
Newborn (3 months old)
Infant (3-12 months old)
Toddler (1-5 years old)
Kids (5-13 years old)
Adult (teens or older)
Brand Type in the brand (if applicable).
Condition Select from New (default), Used, or Refurbished.
Bundle Select Yes or No if your item is sold in a bundle.
Multi Pack Select Yes or No if your item is sold in a multi pack.
Size -
Color -


¿Cómo sabré qué fichas deben actualizarse?

Además del cartel en la parte superior de la sección Listados de canales del Panel de Datos Square en línea, verás una lista completa de tus fichas de productos en la misma sección. Las fichas de productos con recomendaciones tendrán un ícono de una varita junto a la imagen asociada a ellas. También puedes hacer clic en Recomendado para ver las fichas que tienen recomendaciones.

Ignoré el cartel, pero quiero revisar todas mis recomendaciones a la vez. ¿Cómo vuelvo a ver el cartel?

Por el momento, la única forma de hacer aparecer el cartel "Mejora tus fichas" una vez que lo ignoraste es limpiar las cookies y la caché de tu navegador web.

¿Puedo agregar o quitar mis fichas en grupo con la función Edición en grupo?

Por el momento, no. Solo los campos existentes compatibles con tus canales son editables para las fichas de canales existentes.