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Set Up Google Enhanced Listings on Square

Google Listings allows you to share your item catalog across multiple Google surfaces including Google Search and Google Images. Potential customers can click on listings, which will route them to your Square Online website to learn more and purchase the item. Before proceeding in the following set up, please be sure to review comenzar con listas de productos en Google.

Enhanced Listings are listings that are eligible to display on the Shopping tab of Google searches. These listings require more product data and for you to comply with both policies for free listings and Shopping ads. Once you are qualified for enhanced listings, you will also be eligible for Google Ads.

Your attributes are added automatically once you complete the Google Listings setup. You can edit the attributes from the Google Listings manager or from the Atributos personalizados section of the Item page of your online Square Dashboard.

Adding a custom attribute to an item variation

  1. From the Pestaña artículos on your online Square Dashboard, click on an item.

  2. Under Item Variation, click on Edit variation details.

  3. Click Add custom attributes to fill out the channel attributes.

  4. Click Save to save the custom attributes on the item. 

  5. Navigate to the Channels Listings manager. You will see the new enhanced field appear in the blade.

  6. You can also navigate to the Merchant Center Account to view the enhanced field.

Attribute Type Description
Gender Select from Male, Female, or Unisex
Age Group Select from the following age groups:
Newborn (3 months old)
Infant (3-12 months old)
Toddler (1-5 years old)
Kids (5-13 years old)
Adult (teens or older)
Brand Type in the brand (if applicable)
Condition Select from New (default), Used, or Refurbished
Bundle Select Yes or No if your item is sold in a bundle.
Multi Pack Select Yes or No if your item is sold in a multi pack.
Size -
Color -

Once you have added your custom attributes, log in to your Google Merchant Center Account to configure your impuestos and envío settings.