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Square Photo Studio Pricing

Professional product photography, affordably priced, and designed to boost your sales, Photo Studio can help you get amazing product images without spending thousands of dollars to hire a professional photographer. Simply ship us your product, we'll photograph it, then retouch and color correct the images. Once they're ready, you can download and manag

e your images directly from your Square account and use them wherever you want. Simple and affordable, use your product photos to boost sales on almost any online channel.

High resolution 3-photo pack 


Get three photos of your product from different angles, retouched, and optimized for online selling. High-quality, professional photo

graphy. Tell us how you want your product shot—close ups, different angles, you name it. Images come as JPG files on a white background and as PNG files on a transparent background.

Interactive 360 photo


Interactive and engaging, 360 photos let shoppers rotate, pause, even zoom in on a product image for a closer look to help them feel confident in their online purchase. You’ll receive one interactive spin file as well as an mp4 video file of the spin—perfect for selling on social media.