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Becoming Eligible For Another Loan Through Square Capital

If your business currently has a loan through Square Capital, it may become eligible for a subsequent loan offer. Square Capital will automatically reevaluate your business for new offers—no need to even ask! Rest assured that we are routinely reviewing your account for eligibility, but keep in mind that another offer is never guaranteed.

What You Need To Do

Keep doing business as usual. You do not need to contact us or provide any additional information to become eligible for a subsequent loan offer. We look at many factors about your business to evaluar su elegibilidad, including the payments you process through Square and your history working with us. There are no long forms or significant paperwork to fill out, which means you have more time and resources to dedicate to running your business.

Time Frame

We can’t predict when your business will be eligible for another loan offer. Square Capital will automatically reevaluate your business’s offer eligibility, but there is no magic number for when another offer will be available. Remember each business is different and all accounts/locations are reviewed independently. Each loan offer is specific to the business and account evaluated for the offer.

We want to emphasize that we are unable to predict eligibility or offer amounts. Additionally, we are unable to manually create offers. You will need to have an offer already available on your Square Dashboard to apply for a loan through Square Capital.

Loan Offer Notification

If your business is eligible for another loan offer through Square Capital, you’ll be notified by email and your loan offer will appear in the Capital tab of your online Square Dashboard. Remember to check your Panel de Datos Square, that is where we primarily communicate with you about offers!


Take a look at Elegibilidad para un préstamos de Square Capital for business factors that we look for or Preguntas frecuentes sobre la elegibilidad de Square Capital for commonly asked questions about eligibility.

You can also follow Kaitlyn, a fictional Square merchant, who is interested in receiving a Capital offer, for more information about our eligibility process. Check out her historia on our Seller Community.

If you have additional questions, please comunicarse con el equipo de Square Capital.