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Best Practices for Selling Online

Selling online is a great way to establish or grow your business. However, since it can be more difficult to verify the identity of online customers, we want to share some helpful tips with you on how you can proactively prevent fraud and online scams.

Note: This is article is for the legacy version of the Square Online Store. Learn more about using the new Square Online Store, powered by Weebly.

Best Practices for Selling Online

Shipped Orders

  • Sales can only occur in the United States and must be shipped to U.S. addresses.
  • Orders must be shipped to the buyer’s address as listed in the Square Dashboard within your set order fulfillment or preparation time. Preparation time is calculated from the date the order was placed until you ship and complete the order.
  • Provide tracking information to your customers.
  • Require signature confirmation at delivery for orders over $250.
  • A clear refund policy should be featured prominently in your online store, where it’s visible to your customer.
  • Items must be accurately described and photographed.
  • Items must not be high-risk goods.

Pickup Orders

  • Require proof of identity at the time of pickup for orders over $250. Check the buyer’s ID and credit card to confirm the name and card number match the info on the order.
  • For orders over $500, obtain a signed invoice upon pickup.

Document Online Store Sales

Square might request proof of purchase, proof of delivery or pickup, a descriptive summary of goods sold, and any other information related to a transaction. Review the Square Seller Agreement for specific details.

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