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Orda and Square

Square integrates with Orda so you can create a fully branded customer experience that drives customer engagement, loyalty, and creates brand awareness.

By connecting your Orda account with Square, you will be able to create a fully branded mobile loyalty app in less than 5 minutes that will allow your customers to easily order on their phones and track and redeem loyalty points.

With integrations such as DoorDash delivery, push notifications, custom order text messages, and Inventory tracker you can customize your mobile app to create the perfect customer experience for your brand.

Integrate with Orda

  1. Go to the Orda website.

  2. Enter your store URL, then click Connect with Square.

  3. Log in to your Square account and follow the prompts to complete your integration setup.


Orda lets you choose between a monthly or annual subscription. When you select your preferred subscription plan from the Orda website, you’ll be navigated to the Orda onboarding process where you can enter your billing information.

Orda features, services, and plan changes are managed through Orda directly. Head to your Orda account if you need to upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan.

Learn more about Orda's plans and pricing on their website.

Manage Your Orda Account

Square integrates with your mobile ordering app by Orda to offer your customers a way to easily order their favorite items and get loyalty points. Orda features and services are managed by them directly. You can find most answers via Orda's Help Center or via the Orda website. You can also reach their support team directly by emailing

Orda FAQ

Who is Orda for?

Ordas digital tools are the perfect solution for Coffee Shops, Fast Casual Pizza, Juice/Smoothie Bars, Restaurants, Food trucks, retail & e-commerce, cloud kitchens, and enterprise.

What else can Orda support?

With other tools such as web ordering and self-ordering kiosks, Orda has a digital solution to help streamline operations and drive revenue for your business.