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How to Print a Decommissioned Label Size using Google Chrome

Review the instructions below to learn how to print decommissioned DYMO label sizes via the Google Chrome web browser. Note: The below instructions are specific to DYMO Label 30346 (½” x 1 ⅞” or 12.7 x 47.67 mm).


  1. Once you have selected the appropriate items from the Create Labels page in your online Square Dashboard, click the blue Create Labels button.

  2. Select Print Labels Now.

  3. From the Destination drop-down menu, select DYMO LabelWriter550 as the printer.

  4. Set Copies to 1.

  5. Under the More Settings section, make sure that Paper size is 12.7 x 47.67mm.

  6. Set Pages per sheet to 1.

  7. From the Scale drop-down menu, select Fit to printable area.

  8. Click Print.