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Item Unit Type and Decimal Quantities FAQ

Review answers to frequently asked questions about item unit types and decimal quantities with the Square item library.

Can I sell decimal quantities from my Square Online site?

Items set up to be sold in decimal quantities will be available on Square Online but you can only sell them as whole numbers online.

Can I use whole numbers and decimal quantities for a single item?

Yes! You can set up multiple item variations and use both whole number and decimal quantities.

Can I create variably-priced items sold in decimal quantities?

Yes! When creating an item with decimal quantities, simply leave the price field blank. You’ll then be prompted to enter the item quantity and price at the time of sale.

What is unit precision?

The precision gives you the option to sell and adjust inventory by decimal quantity up to the hundred-thousandths place (.00000).

Can I refund a decimal quantity?

When you issue a refund for an item sold as a decimal quantity, you will need to refund the entire item. For example, if you sell an item by weight at 1.5 pounds (lbs), you cannot refund your customer for 1 pound (lbs).

How will my reporting be impacted if I update a unit type?

If you update a unit type, historical sales will reflect the previous and new versions as separate line items.

Can I sell items by weight?

Yes. When you connect a supported scale to the Square app and set up an item unit in weight, you can weigh an item and the cost will automatically calculate based on the price per unit.

Can I import decimal amounts in bulk?

Yes! Keep in mind though, you will be able to assign existing unit types to Item Variations but you will not be able to create or edit unit types when importing.

Can I set an item stock-alert level to a decimal quantity?

Not at this time.

Can I apply unit types to item modifiers?

You cannot apply unit types to item modifiers. However, you can apply multiple unit types to a single item using item variations.

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