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Build Your Contract Walkthrough

The following walkthrough will convey the basics that will help you get the most out of the Build Your Contract tool.

You can get started on your custom contract and access our variety of contract templates.

Customize your contract

Once you’ve downloaded the contract template, read it through and replace all purple text with information specific to your business. The red text lists options that you may want to consider including to add nuance and detail to the agreement. Make sure to remove any clauses that aren’t relevant to your business or the situation at hand.

Add your business contact information

At the top of the contract, there’s a header section prompting you for your business contact information. We highly recommend that you always include this information in your contract. It’s important to make it clear from the outset which business this contract belongs to—and it will ensure that your customer knows how to return it to you after they’ve signed it.

You will also want to change all font colors back to black after you add in your information. Before you move forward with the contract, make sure that the customer has signed their initials in each designated space. You’ll also want to double-check that you and the customer have both signed and dated the agreement.

Attach your contract to a Square Invoice

If you’re using Square Invoices Plus , you can attach relevant files like your contract, before/after images, bills of sale, or purchase orders to the Invoice (just make sure the files are in either PDFs or .jpg format). Your customer can download, sign, and store the attachments for their records.

Once you’ve finished editing your contract, save it as a PDF file. You can attach the file to your Square Invoice by navigating to the “More Options” dropdown menu in the invoice and selecting “Add Attachment.”

Legal Disclaimer

We’re glad to offer you tools to help improve your business. But it’s important to note that Square is not a law firm and this document does not constitute legal advice. Square provides this template to individuals who choose to prepare their own contractual documents for their private use. If you need legal advice as to the accuracy, sufficiency or enforceability of specific contract terms you should consult with a licensed attorney.