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Square Customer Engagement and Social Media

With Square Marketing, you can send promotional rewards that your customers can share with family and friends and build your online presence using existing social media platforms.

Share Promotions via Social Media

Here’s how to send coupons that your customers can share on Facebook:

  1. Visit Marketing in your online Square Dashboard > click Create Campaign.

  2. Customize the content and design of your marketing.

  3. From Audience click Link Facebook Account > Approve on Facebook.

  4. From Facebook, click Okay to accept all permissions.

  5. From your online Square Dashboard, select the Facebook groups you’d like to include in your promotion > click Send Email.

This extends the reach of your promotions, and brings your business before an even wider audience.

Note: At this time you can’t set a cap on the number of coupon redemptions.

Build Up Your Facebook Presence

The Build up your Facebook presence campaign automatically asks certain customers to visit your Facebook page. It goes to any customers who are regulars at your business or have left you positive feedback through Square receipts. To get started:

  1. Visit Marketing in your online Square Dashboard > click Create Campaign.

  2. Choose Build up your Facebook presence for the campaign objective.

  3. Personalize the email message > click Continue.

  4. Customize your audience > click Continue

  5. Click Send Now or schedule your campaign for a later date.

Cancel Square Marketing Campaigns

You can cancel any automated marketing campaigns and blast campaigns with a coupon at any time. Update, Event Invitation, and Product Announcement blast campaigns can’t be cancelled.

To cancel a campaign:

  1. Visit Marketing in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select the Active campaign you’d like to cancel > click Cancel.

  3. Select whether you’d like to still honor unredeemed coupons, or cancel and invalidate them.

  4. Click Cancel Campaign.

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