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Manage your Team from the Square Point of Sale app

You can easily create and manage team members directly from your point of sale. To get started, you’ll want to create a team member. To do so:

  1. from the Navigation panel in your Square Point of Sale app, tap Team.

  2. Tap the ‘+’ icon to pull up the Create team member screen.

  3. Start by entering the team member’s name, email address and phone number.

  4. From here, tap Primary job title to assign the team member a job title or Create job to assign them a newly-created job title.

  5. Tap the back arrow to return to the Create team member screen and input the team member’s Hourly rate. Note: this field isn’t required to save your team member’s profile information.

  6. Tap Permission set to assign your team member to an existing permission set. Note: Team members will automatically be assigned to Team permissions upon creation. Creating and editing new permission sets is only available on Square Dashboard at this time.

  7. Tap Personal passcode if you’d like to create and assign a custom passcode to the team member > tap Done. Note: an automatically generated passcode will be assigned to new team members, but you’ll always have the option to assign a custom passcode from this section.

  8. Tap Location to select the appropriate location(s) for the team member and toggle on/off the option to Assign to all current and future locations. Note: the Location section will default to the current location associated with your Square Point of Sale account during the creation of your team member(s).

  9. After returning to the Create team member screen and confirming all information is accurate, tap Save.

Continue to follow the instructions above to create additional team members in-app. Once a team member has been created, they’ll immediately be able to use Square Point of Sale based on the settings and permissions you’ve enabled for them. Note: you’ll receive a notification regarding Missing info if there’s any required information missing from the team member profile(s) you create.

Edit Existing Team Members

You can also edit information for existing team members in the Square Point of Sale app. To get started:

  1. from the Navigation panel in your Square Point of Sale app, tap Team.

  2. Tap on the team member in question > tap Edit profile.

  3. Edit the information in question. Note: you won’t be able to update their contact information once the team member has accepted their invite.

  4. Once you’ve finished making changes, tap Save.

Changes made to existing team members should take effect immediately after saving. As a best practice, have the team member(s) confirm the information is accurate and test out their passcode and permissions (if they were updated) to ensure no issues occur at the point of sale.


Will I be able to monitor the clocked-in status of my team members?

At this time, you’re unable to monitor the clocked-in status of your team members in-app but will still be able to do so through your online Square Dashboard. From there, you can monitor the status, as well as clock out team members when necessary.

I don’t use staff management features. Can I disable the Team section in-app?

Yes – you can uninstall the Team add-on in your app.

I’m not seeing the option to create a new permission set in-app. How do I do this?

Creating new permission sets is only available through the online Square Dashboard at the moment. To create or review existing permission sets, visit the Permissions section of your online Square Dashboard.

Will I be able to create and manage team members in other Square apps (e.g. Square for Restaurants, etc.)?

At this time, creating and managing team members in-app is only available with Square Point of Sale. Other Square apps, like Square for Restaurants, don’t currently have the option to do so, but you can continue to manage your team through your online Square Dashboard.

Can I create a salaried or commission-based team member?

You can only edit existing salaried or commission-based team members that have previously been created through the online Square Dashboard. Creating new team members with a salary or commission-based wage is not currently available in-app.

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