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Create and Manage Item Options with Square for Retail

With item options, you will be able to create items with multiple variations faster and offer a better checkout experience to your customers in Square Online. Note: Item Options are available with both Square for Retail Free and Square for Retail Plus. You can create and manage item options on all devices compatible with Square for Retail.

Options are a set of attributes you can apply to multiple variations in your Item Library. You can quickly create and organise item variations by combining options with just a couple of clicks from the item details page.

For example, let’s say you create two option sets: sizes and colours.

  • Sizes: Small, medium and large

  • Colours: Red, blue and green

If you create a new item, e.g. t-shirt, you can apply each option set to create new item variations (e.g. small, green or large, red).

Useful Terms

  • Variations: Define the unique varieties of an item. Each variation can have its own cost, price, SKU, etc. Looking at the t-shirt example, Small, Green or Large, Red are both distinct item variations.

  • Option Sets: The attributes of a variation – the combination of options form the variation. For example sizes and colours.

  • Options: The values within the option attribute. For example, small, medium and large.

  • Display Name: Optional name visible to customers on channels such as a website or an ordering app.

Create and Manage Item Options Online

Create Item Options

To create a new option set:

  1. Go to Items & Orders > Items in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Under Item Properties, select Options.

  3. Select Create an Option Set > enter your set name, display name and set type.

  4. Add item options based off of your chosen display name.

  5. Select Add Option, choose your option and then click Done to add it to your option set.

  6. Click Save.

Note: Creating item options is a feature available with Square Point of Sale, Square for Retail and Square for Restaurants.

Add an Option Set to an Item

  1. From Items & Orders > Items > Item Library, click an item to view the item details page.

  2. Select Options > Add options.

  3. Select an existing option set or create a new option set from the item details page.

  4. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate option sets, click Next.

  5. Review the new variations > Create variations.

  6. Click Save.

Convert Variations to Options

If you already have existing variations, but you’d like to start using options:

  1. From Items & Orders > Items > Item Library, select an existing item > Add options.

  2. Select or create the appropriate Option sets > click Next.

  3. You’ll see each variation listed – update each variation with the new Option name > Add.

  4. Once you’re set, click Save.

Delete Item Options

You can delete an option, or option set for individual items, or for all items. Note: If you’d like to delete an entire option set, you’ll need to delete each Option first. For example, if you’d like to delete the colour option, you’ll need to delete red, blue and green first. Deleting an option deletes any variation associated with that option.

Delete an Option Set

  1. From the Options tab of your Item Library, click the option set you’d like to delete.

  2. Delete each option by clicking the X next to the name.

  3. Delete all associated variations.

  4. Click Delete.

Delete an Option Sets for an Item

  1. From the item details page, click the three dots next to the name of the option set you would like to delete > click Remove option set.

  2. Review the variations > Delete variations.

  3. Click Save.

Delete an Individual Option

Follow these steps if you don’t want to remove an entire option set for an item, but only a single option. Let’s say you’d like to delete blue, not the option set colour:

  1. From the item details page, click Edit next to the option set name.

  2. You’ll see each option listed. Click the X next to the option you’d like to remove.

  3. Next, select Done > review your changes > Delete variation.

  4. Click Save.

Learn more about managing your Item Library with Square for Retail.