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Set Up Commission Tracking

Square allows you to assign unique commission rates to each of your employees, giving more experienced staff a higher rate and less experienced staff a lower rate for services. Note: Currently available to Team Plus, Retail Plus, and Restaurant sellers.

Additionally, all employees can earn a flat commission rate for retail items sold. Control how commission is calculated for your business by choosing which costs are excluded from commission. Easily track and pull reports to view weekly and monthly earnings.

When an employee is assigned to an appointment, they will be attributed to the sale, and receive any commission and tips from that sale. Sales attribution is recorded at the time of sale, and cannot be updated after the transaction is made.

Note: Commission tracking is currently only available from your online Square Dashboard.

Set Up Commission Rates

You will be able to set up your commission rates directly from your online Square Dashboard.

To do so:

  1. Visit the Team section of your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select the employee you wish to set up the rate for.

  3. Under Job Title > click Edit.

  4. Toggle on Earns Commission.

  5. Enter the employee’s items and services commission rate.

Set Up Commission Calculation

You will be able to control how commission is calculated for your business. This allows you to control which costs are deducted from the sale price before a commission rate is applied.

To do so:

  1. Visit the Team section of your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select Commission, and choose the sale price deductions you’d like to apply.

  3. Save.


  1. Visit the Reports section of your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select Team Sales.

  3. Click on an employee’s name to view their commissions received per item, and service.

  4. Click Export to download a .CSV file for your team summary and, team detail earnings.

Note: If you need to refund a transaction for any reason, please note that any commission earned will not be affected.

Tiered commission rates for your staff members for services and items.

What are the features ?

  • Offer your staff tiered commission rates for both Services and Sales.

  • Set the effective date of when tiered commissions will be calculated.

  • Tiered commissions will have a set cadence (pay period) for calculations.

What are the tier types?

  • Value tiers or pound amount: Counts total pound amount of services for a staff member.
    Example: Sally has 2 haircuts at £50 each. Commission tiers are calculated based on £100.

  • Volume tiers or number of services/ items: Counts total number of services or items.
    Example: Sally has a haircut and hair colour with one client and another haircut with a second client. Commission tiers would be calculated based on 3.

How are tiers calculated?

  • Commission rates will be calculated based on the sales that occur in each tier range.


Services Tier 1: 0 - £1000 with 40% commission rate
Services Tier 2: £1001+ with 50% commission rate
Sally has £1500 of services during the weekly pay period.

£1000 x 40% = £400
£500 x 50% = £250
Total commission pay = £650 

Set up Commission Structure Tiers

  1. From your Dashboard > Team > Commissions

  2. Select Edit for either Commissions on Services or Commissions on Retail Items

  3. Change Commission type to tiers

  4. Select tier type

    1. Total Value of items sold

    2. Total number of items sold

  5. Select tier Cadence: Time frames that will calculate commissions.

  6. Tier Start Date: Date that will start Cadence and calculations of commissions. Commissions will be recalculated when editing during a pay period.

  7. Enter values for your tiers. A minimum of two tiers is required, the last tier only requires the starting amount.

  8. Check any deductions you would like to not be included in total before calculating commissions. Choose any or all of Taxes, Discounts, and Square Processing Fees.

  9. Select Continue

Set up Commission Rates for Employees

  1. Your Team Members will be listed in the first column and your Commission tier will be across the top.

  2. Input the commission rate each of your team members will receive for each tier.

Note: Estimated commission amounts are based on the commission rate you have assigned to your team members and do not include deductions, withholdings, or taxes that may be applicable. Your employee's actual commission earnings may vary from the estimated amounts shown. Consult your commission plan for final commission earnings calculations.

Updated Team Permissions

Account Owners and anyone with Full Access Permissions will have the ability to create and edit commission tiers.

Team Members with access to Team Management access will have two permissions options.

  1. Manage team members - Allows editing commission rates from a team members profile.

  2. Manage commissions settings & rates for team members across all locations - Allows editing access to commissions tiers and all team members rates.

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