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Display Featured Items in Square Online

The Featured Items section lets you display items from your store on any page. Use it to highlight new or restocked items or anything you want to draw attention to!


Choose a page to work with from the pages menu, or add a new page if you prefer. Click the Add Section button on the left, then choose the Featured Items section and click add.

Tip: If you’re selling food items, try the Featured Menu Items section instead. You add and set it up in the same way, but items are arranged on the page in a more diner-friendly layout.


Select a layout to use, then click the button to choose which items you want to feature.

Note: The masonry style layout requires six items. If you have fewer than six items or want to feature more items, select one of the other layouts instead.


You can search and filter items to find what you want, or you can add a new item using the button on the upper right. Tick the box next to each item you want to include, then click save to see the selected items on the page in the editor.


Depending on which layout you’re using, you will see various options. Click on any item in the list on the left to see its location in the section and make changes. You can also toggle off some of the items, such as the section title, for example. To add or remove items, click the Add featured items link (not available for the masonry layout). To rearrange items within the section, click and drag an item up or down in the list on the upper left.


Click on any image in the section to edit details for that individual item. If the item has multiple images, you can choose which one is shown in the section.


To edit the settings for all images, click the Item images section on the left. Here you can set the image ratio and choose an effect that will activate when a user mouses over an image thumbnail. The following effects are available:

Image Fade
The photo becomes slightly transparent and lighter in appearance on hover.

Swap Image
For items that have two or more photos, this effect will switch to the next image in line.

Zoom In
As the title indicates, this hover effect enlarges the image.

Show Item Title and Price
Just what it sounds like – this will display the title and price of the item on hover. Use this only if you are not already displaying this information below each item image.

You can also enable or disable the Quick Shop option here. This feature allows customers to view item details and add items to their basket without needing to leave the current page (not available on the masonry layout or when showing item title and price on hover).