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Add a Contact Form to Your Square Online Site


Adding a contact form to your Square Online site makes it easy for visitors to get in touch with you while keeping your personal contact information private.

If you were to simply add an email address directly to your website, there wouldn’t be a way to protect your inbox from being flooded with spam entries. Additionally, when someone selects a linked email address on your Square Online site, the visitor’s device will try to open an email program or app (eg Outlook, Apple Mail, etc), which only works if the visitor who selected the link has such software installed on their device. They’d otherwise have to manually copy and paste the email address into their inbox to reach you.

Instead, use contact forms to prevent spam and make sure the emails you’re spending time reviewing are legitimate. They also allow visitors to contact you quickly to do things like ask about your items or services, request event information, ask for a custom quote and much more. There are several pre-made form types that you can either use as-is or customise to meet your needs.

Note: data submitted through contact forms isn’t secure. Never request or collect any sensitive personal information with contact forms.

Add a Contact Form to Your Site

To add a contact form to your Square Online site:

  1. from your Square Online site editor, go to the page you want to add a contact form to.

  2. Select +Add > Section and expand the Forms option to choose the template best suited for your needs.

  3. To customise and add more fields to the form, select the form on your site and select +Add a question in the editing panel.

  4. Customise your form as needed and Publish your site to see the changes live.

Contact Form Templates

When adding a contact form, you can choose from the following template options:

  • Contact us: a basic contact form.

  • Catering request: a form to request catering, with fields for a date, time, location and number of guests. This is great if you’re selling food and beverage items in large quantities.

  • RSVP/Registration: a simple form for responding to an event invitation.

  • Custom quote: a form to allow visitors to request a quote for services with fields to provide details. This is great if you already use Square Invoices to bill for your services and want to allow visitors to start requesting quotes for them. Learn more about sending invoices online.

  • Appointment request: a form to allow clients to provide their contact information, along with a preferred date and time. This is great if you already use Square Appointments. Learn more about how to Set up online bookings with Square Appointments.

  • Event request: a form for customers to provide details on an upcoming event, with fields for date, time and number of guests.

  • Wholesale inquiry: a form for customers to request wholesale information, with fields for contact information and product details.

Since all of the forms are customisable, you can pick the one that best suits your purpose and customise it as needed.

Customise and Manage Your Form

If the default form fields work for what you need, you can leave them as-is, but you can also edit, add, rearrange and remove questions to customise your form. You can also change settings to do things like direct entries to a particular email address or prevent spam.

to perform these actions, start by selecting your contact form section on your site in the editor. You’ll see these options appear in the editing panel.

Edit questions

Select any item in the questions list found in the editing panel to open the settings. All form fields allow you to change the label or mark it as required. Some questions also have additional options (e.g. Dropdown and Multiple choice), which allow you to create a list of items.

Add questions

Select +Add a question in the editing panel and choose a question type from the following options:

  • Multiple choice: Adds a list of items for customers to pick from. You can customise the text, add more choices and allow users to pick more than one option at a time.
  • Short answer: Adds a text box suitable for brief written responses.
  • Long answer: Adds a text box suitable for longer written responses.
  • Dropdown: Adds a menu with a list of customisable choices.
  • Date: Adds a date picker with a calendar to choose a specific date.
  • Time: Adds a time picker with a list in half hour increments. Visitors can also type in a time.
  • Address: Adds a street address field.
  • Name: Adds a name field.
  • Email: Adds an email address field.
  • Phone number: Adds a phone number field.

Rearrange questions

Select an item in the questions list, and drag it up or down in the editing panel to change its position within the form.

Remove questions

Hover over a question in the editing panel and select the trash can icon. If you accidentally delete a question, you can restore it using the undo button in the editor.

Edit form content

Edit the following form content:

  • Section title: Change the content and style of the title text displayed near the contact form.
  • Section description: Change the content and style of the text underneath the title.
  • Button: Change the name, size, style and colour of the submit button.

Edit form settings

Edit the following form settings:

  • Form confirmation: Add a message that displays after a visitor submits the form.
  • Form name: Choose an internal title for your form. This helps you identify which form’s entries you’re reviewing when you have multiple forms on your site.
  • Email notification: Enter in the email address you’d like form entry notifications to go to.
  • Enable opt-in tick box: Add a tick box to your form to get opt-in consent from your users for marketing and promotional material.
  • Enable Google CAPTCHA: Enabling CAPTCHA prevents your form from receiving spam.

Customise your form’s design

You can customise the following design options:

  • Layout and colour: Choose a different layout style and colour scheme for the section.
  • Background: Change the background of the section to a colour or image. Learn more about customising images and backgrounds in Square Online.

Respond to Form Submissions

Keep better track of form submissions sent from your Square Online site by continuing the conversation in your Square Point of Sale notifications inbox. Before you can respond to form entries with your Square Online add-on, add them to your Square Point of Sale app. Learn more about gretting started with add-ons

Square Point of Sale

When a customer replies to a contact form on your Square Online site, a new notification will appear in your notifications inbox in Square Point of Sale. If the customer isn’t in your Customer Directory, they’ll also be automatically added when they submit a form.

To respond to a form submission with the Square Online add-on:

  1. From the navigation bar, tap ≡ More > Add-ons > Online.
  2. Tap Form entries.
  3. Filter your form entries by Source (your contact form name) or Status (read or unread).
  4. Tap the form entry you want to reply to, then type your message in the box.
  5. Tap the arrow to send your message.

Learn more about managing Square Online from Square Point of Sale.

View and Export Form Entries

To view and export your Square Online contact form entries as a CSV file:

  1. from your Square Online Overview page, go to Website > Form Submissions.

  2. Select a contact form from your list.

  3. Select Export.

Note: be sure to export entries from the correct form if you have multiple forms throughout your website.


When anyone submits a contact form entry through your website, you’ll receive an email notification at the email address entered in the form settings.

If you aren’t receiving your form entries by email, check your spam folder in your email account. If you do see the notifications in your spam folder, indicate that they aren’t spam so future entries don’t end up there. If you don’t see them there, you can try sending the entries to a different email address.

You can also view all contact form entries on the Form Submissions page. This page displays an overview of all messages sent through your forms. Select a form title to view individual entries or export them as a CSV file.

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