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Add a Contact Form to Square Online

Adding a contact form to your website in Square Online makes it easy for visitors to get in touch with you while keeping your contact information private. You can also use forms to allow visitors to request services and information, ask for a customised quote and more. There are several pre-made form types that you can either use as-is, or customise further to meet your needs.

Add a Form Section


To get started, open the Square Online site editor, and choose a page from the Page list to display your form. Click the Add Section button on the left, and scroll down to Communicate. Click Form, and choose an option from one of the following:

  • Contact Us: A basic contact form.

  • Catering Request: A form to request catering, with fields for date, time, location and number of guests. This is great if you are selling food online.

  • RSVP/Registration: A simple form for responding to an event invitation.

  • Customised Quote: A form to allow visitors to request a quote for services with fields to provide details. This is great if you already use Square Invoices to bill for your services, and want to allow visitors to start requesting quotes for them.

  • Appointment Request: A form to allow customers to provide their contact information, along with a preferred date and time.

  • Event Request: A form for customers to provide details on an upcoming event, with fields for date, time and number of guests.

  • Wholesale Enquiry: A form for customers to request wholesale information, with fields for contact information and product details.

Since all of the forms are customisable, you can pick the one that best suits your needs, and click Add to place it on the page.

Customise Form Fields

If the default form fields work for what you need, you can leave them as-is, but you can also edit, add, rearrange and remove questions to customise them further.

Edit questions


Click on any item in the list to open the settings. All form fields allow you to change the label, or mark it as required. Some also have additional options, like Dropdown and Multiple choice, which allow you to create a list of items. Click the back arrow on the upper left to return to the form settings.

Add questions

Click the Add a question button, and select from the following options:

  • Multiple choice: Adds a list of items for customers to pick from. You can customise the text add more choices and allow users to pick more than one option at a time.

  • Short answer: Adds a text box suitable for brief written responses.

  • Long answer: Adds a text box suitable for longer written responses.

  • Dropdown: Adds a menu with a list of customisable choices.

  • Date: Adds a date picker with a calendar to choose a specific date.

  • Time: Adds a time picker with a list in half hour increments. Visitors can also type in a time.

  • Address: Adds a street address field.

  • Email: Adds an email address field.

  • Phone number: Adds a phone number field.

Follow the same process to add more question types as needed. Since each field is customisable, simply follow the steps above to edit questions.

Rearrange questions

Click on an item in the questions list, and drag it up or down to change its position within the form.

Remove questions

Click the "..." icon across from the question name, and select Delete. If you accidentally delete a question, you can restore it using the undo arrow at the top of the editor window.

Edit Form Settings


The options for the form are in the menu on the left. You can adjust the following settings here:

  • Title: Change the content and style of the title text displayed near the contact form.

  • Description: Change the content and style of the text underneath the title.

  • Button: Change the name, size, style and colour of the submit button.

  • Form Confirmation: Add a message that displays after a visitor submits the form.

  • Form Settings: Choose an internal title for your form, toggle the Opt-in and CAPTCHA features, and specify which email address you want the form submissions sent to.

  • Layout: Choose a different layout style for the section.

  • Section Style: Change the background of the section or choose a different layout.

When you’ve finished setting up your form, Publish your website to make it accessible to visitors.

View Form Entries


In addition to receiving entries via email, you can also view them on your Square Online Overview page under Website > Form Entries. You can view submissions for any form added to your website here. Click on a contact form to see individual entries, and use the Export button to download a CSV of all data for the selected contact form.

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