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Sell Items by Weight

If your business needs to sell items by weight, you can create items with weight-based units and connect a compatible USB scale to start selling with the Square Point of Sale app.

Before you get started, ensure that the Brecknell 6700U scale is compatible with your device. This scale is not supported with Square for Retail, Square for Restaurants, Square Invoices and Square Appointments apps.

Create an item to sell by weight

In order to sell items by weight or use a compatible scale with your Square account, you’ll need the appropriate unit types enabled for weight measurements. Our scale integration in the UK allows weighed items to be sold per gram (g) or kilogram (kg). You can configure the measurement type of your items in the Items section of Square Point of Sale or Dashboard. You can also select precision which describes the number of decimal places that appear at POS checkout and in reporting.

Learn more about setting up your items with Square.


  1. Go to Items & Orders > Items > Units from your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Add a Unit.

  3. Select a unit. In order to sell an item by weight, make sure to choose a weight measure.

  4. Enter the precision, then click Save.

  5. Once you’ve set up the weight unit and precision, go to your Item Library > click Create an Item or select an existing item.

  6. Enter the item details. Under ‘Variations’, select a unit type for weight.

  7. Once you’re all set, click Save.


From the Square Point of Sale app:

  1. Tap ≡ More > Items.

  2. Tap Unit > Create Unit.

  3. Select a unit, ensuring you choose a weight measure.

  4. Select the precision, then tap Save.

  5. Tap Items > All Items > Create Item.

  6. Enter the item details. Under ‘Price and inventory’, select a unit type for weight.

  7. Once you’re all set, tap Save.

Read more about setting up your items with Square online or from the Square app.

Connect Scale to Square Point of Sale

Once you purchase the Brecknell 6700U scale, you’re ready to connect it to the Square Point of Sale app.

Learn how to connect scales to Square Point of Sale.

Unpair Scale

To disconnect the scale, simply unplug the scale’s cable from your device.

Sell items by weight

Once you’ve created your items and connected a compatible USB scale to your Square Point of Sale app, you’re ready to start selling:

  1. From the Square POS app, select an item from your library. If the item is variably priced, enter the item price and then the + symbol.

  2. Enter the weight manually, or place the item on your scale.

  3. Once the weight is calculated, tap Add.

  4. Complete the sale by processing your customer’s payment.

Important to note

  • If the unit type is not compatible with your scale, you’ll need to enter the amount manually.

  • Make sure your scale units and item units match.

Visit our Item Unit Type and Decimal Quantities FAQs to learn more.

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