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Process Split Tender Payments with Square

With Split Tender, customers can easily split a bill or use multiple forms of tender to complete a payment via Square Point of Sale app or via Square Virtual Terminalon your Dashboard via desktop or laptop.

Note: Remember, when you accept cash or other tender payments, Square doesn’t actually process any funds.

Split a Payment on Square Point of Sale

To split a payment between multiple forms of tender from the Square App:

  1. From the Checkout screen, enter the total payment amount or select from your Item Library and tap Charge.

  2. Tap Split Amount at the top-right of the screen.

  3. Enter the Payment Amount for the first tender type.

  4. Tap Continue to return to the Payment Method screen.

  5. To edit the amount to be charged, tap the Edit Split button.

  6. Select a tender type and complete the transaction.

  7. To cancel one or more Split Tender payments before completing the transaction, tap Edit Split > Cancel.

  8. To split the payment further, tap the Edit Split button and enter the Payment Amount.

  9. Continue processing the additional tender types until the entire sale has been completed.

For each form of tender accepted, a separate receipt can be issued. Each receipt will display the total sale amount, all items sold and the type of tender used.

Note: To use Split Tender, make sure your app is up to date.

Smart Split

To split a payment evenly across multiple payment cards:

  1. Tap Charge.

  2. Tap Split Amount at the top-right of the screen.

  3. Under Split Evenly, select how many ways you would like to split this payment.

  4. Select a tender type and complete the transaction.

  5. Continue processing the additional tender types until the entire sale has been completed.

Split a Payment on Virtual Terminal 

You can also split a payment using Virtual Terminal. When checking out a customer:

  1. Log in to Square Virtual Terminal on your desktop or laptop.

  2. Select from Quick Charge or Itemised Sale to enter an amount greater than $1.00.

  3. Under Payment, click on Split Payment

  4. Enter each payment amount, create a new customer or search from your Customer Directory, then select the payment method. 

  5. You can select from Manually Entered Card, Manually Entered Gift Card, Record Cash Payment, or Record Other Payment. Press Charge. If successful, you can send your customer a copy of the receipt. If the payment failed, you can review the payment details to try again. 

  6. Click Pay Remaining to continue processing the additional tender types until the entire sale has been completed. 

  7. You also have the option to cancel a completed payment should you need to change the amount or payment method. If you cancel one of the payment methods, ensure you complete the sale otherwise it will be voided entirely. To cancel, click Edit Split in the top right corner of the page.

Learn more about split tender payments on Virtual Terminal FAQs.

Troubleshooting Tips for Split Tender Payments

  • A split tender payment isn’t complete until the entire amount of the sale has been processed and there’s no remaining balance.

  • Tapping the arrow at the top of your screen before completing an entire sale will clear any amount previously recorded for this payment.

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