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Compare the Square Readers

We offer a few different Square Readers so that you can access the latest and most secure hardware for your business:

  • The Square Reader for magstripe: only accepts magstripe cards.

  • The Square Reader for contactless and chip: accepts paiements sans contact (CCP) and chip cards.

Here are some important things to know about Square Readers:

  • They are universal – one reader can be used with all appareils pris en charge.

  • They’re not linked to any specific Square account or bank account.

  • They can be shared among multiple Square accounts or locations.

  • They don’t store specific account holder or buyer information. If your reader is lost or stolen, you can rest assured that your account information is stored safely and securely on our servers.

  • The Square Reader for chip cards and the Square Reader for contactless and chip cards both require charging, but the Square Reader for magstripe cards does not.

Decide what Square Reader is right for you by checking out this comparaison côte à côte. Not sure which reader you need? Visit the Seller Community to learn more.

Magstripe Reader

You’ll receive one free magstripe reader when you create a Square account for the first time. You can purchase additional magstripe readers for 10 dollars at any time. The Square Reader for Magstripe comes with two different connection types, headphone jack and Lightning. In all other ways, the two readers are exactly the same! Depending on the device you have, you can choose the connection type that is right for you.

Visit our Magasin Square to order a reader or pick one up at a détaillant local. Learn more about délai d’expédition du lecteur.

Note: When paired with the contactless and chip reader, the le lecteur pour cartes magnétiques peut être utilisé pour glisser les cartes à puce.

Square's magstripe reader

Contactless + Chip Reader

Accept contactless (NFC) payments, like Apple Pay and Android Pay, and chip cards with the Square Reader for contactless and chip. This reader can be used alongside a Square Reader for magstripe or Square Stand for swipe payments. For more information, read Guide complet de Square sur la communication en champ proche.

You can buy the Square Reader for contactless and chip online through Magasin Square or from one of our online retail partners:

Readers are also sold at Apple retail locations. Make sure to call or visit apple.com before stopping by to check if readers are in stock.

To hold the reader in place at your countertop, check out the Base pour Square Reader.

The Square Reader for contactless and chip
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