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Stock Forecast with Square for Retail

With Inventory Management on Square for Retail, you have access to automated inventory updates via Stock Forecasting. A dismissible banner in your online Square Dashboard will appear and provide you with insights into what stock is running low (based on your sales), as well as give you the ability to easily generate purchase orders when reviewing your inventory.

Retail - Smart Stock Alerts - Dash - CA

Along with the dismissible banner, you’ll also be able to view your Stock Forecast within your Item Library. Based on data associated with your Square for Retail account, this section will provide you with a list of items, grouped by vendor, that are likely to sell out in the near future. 

Note: While this doesn’t provide the ability to auto generate purchase orders for all of your items, you can still select any of the items listed in Stock Forecast to generate an automated purchase order.

Retail - Stock Forecast - Dash - CA

Stock Forecasting with Square for Retail is automated through your online Square Dashboard. At this time, there is no way to disable or turn off Stock Forecasting, but you can dismiss the feature at any time by clicking Not now on the banner.

Learn more about auto generating purchase orders with Square for Retail.

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