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Use Card on File with Square for Restaurants

Use Card on File with Square for Restaurants to easily receive payment from repeat customers:

  • Securely add and store payment cards in your Customer Directory

  • Seamlessly charge your customers’ stored payment cards or Square Gift Cards.

  • Safely carry out your business with Square handling PCI compliance and authorization on your behalf

You can also save a card on file from your online Square Dashboard by heading to the Customer Directory, or using Square Invoices.

Note: Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account cards are not currently supported with Card on File.

Turn on Card on File

With Card on File enabled, you can link payment cards to customer profiles from both the app and your online Square Dashboard. To turn on Card on File:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard navigate to Settings > Devices > Point of Sale.

  2. From a device, scroll to Customer Management and enable adding a card to a customer profile. 3. Click Allow Charging and Saving Cards to Customer Profiles to save your customers’ payment card information from your in-app Customer Directory.

  3. To save a card after a sale, toggle on Show Save Card Button After Checkout.

Store Payment Cards from the Restaurants App

There are several options for adding a card on file via the Square for Restaurants app.

  • Before a sale

  • After a sale

  • From your in-app Customer Directory

Note: Phone numbers cannot be used for Card on File notifications.

From the Restaurants app

There are three options for adding a card on file via the Square for Restaurants app.

At the beginning of a new sale:
1. Select Actions > Customer.
2. Next select from a pre-existing customer or enter your new customer’s name and info.
3. Tap Add to Sale.

After checkout:
1. Immediately after the sale is complete, select Save Card.

At any time via the Restaurants Customer Directory:
1. On a customer’s profile page, select Actions.
2. Then Tap Customer > Add Card.

Charge a Card on File with Square for Restaurants

With a stored card on file, you can charge your customer with the Square app at a future visit or with a Square Invoice, all without ever using the physical card.

With Open Tickets

  1. Add items to your cart or enter a custom amount.

  2. Tap Actions > Customers to add the customer to the sale.

  3. Select a customer with a card on file.

  4. Tap Charge.

  5. Card on File displays as a new tender type at the bottom of the screen. Tap Charge next to the card on file that you would like to use for the payment.

  6. Complete the payment flow.

When you charge a customer’s card on file, a receipt is automatically sent to the email address associated with their customer profile.

Unlink a Card on File

You can unlink and remove your customers’ cards on file from their profile in your Customer Directory under Edit Personal Information.

Your customers can also remove their own cards by following the link provided to them on all card on file notifications. Customers will receive notifications when their card is stored, when their email address is changed and when a payment is made using a card on file. The link on these notifications will take them to their Card on File Dashboard, where they can view and remove the cards on file associated with your business.

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