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Square Information Requests FAQ

What are Information Requests?

Square may ask you to provide additional information to ensure that your account remains safe and secure.

Why do I need to provide this information?

When you set up your Square account, you confirm your identity with us. We may request additional information to help us when we spot unusual activity, to keep you safe from fraudsters or reduce the risk of a chargeback. The information you provide gives us a sense of how to help you adopt best practices.

Note: When you apply for a new product or service (e.g. loans) you will usually be asked to provide additional information.

I just received an Information Request notification from Square. What do I do?

When we need additional information about recent activity on your account, you will be notified directly by email, text message and through your dashboard. When you see an alert in the app, click on the link and follow the instructions to provide the information requested.

Square Information Requests

You can submit your responses directly through your online Square Dashboard, and the information you provide is securely stored in your Square account for any future reviews.

What does Square do with the information?

Thanks to the information you provide, Square will have resources to assess your business for potential risks, as well as spot suspicious activity on your account.

What kind of documents does Square request?

Our Document Request Guide offers detailed information about the business documentation we request. These documents fall into two categories:

  • Transaction Information: These may include documents from the bank account linked to Square. If we need to verify specific transactions, you’ll see them listed.
  • Legal: These include official documents required by your government to run your business.

How do I access my Information Requests?

You can view your Information Requests from your dashboard’s Settings tab. From Account & Settings, select Information Requests to access the form. Once you answer all the questions, the form is automatically considered “Complete & ready for review”. You’ll be able to come back to the Information requests tab and update your answers until we start reviewing them, if you need to. You can also check the status of the requests here if you have recently provided information, or applied for one of our services.

I submitted the requested information, what happens now?

Once you submit the required information, you will receive an email and a text message confirming that your documents have been submitted successfully. We will review your answers and documents within one to two business days. You can make changes to the information and update your submitted documents until we start reviewing them. If we need any additional information or clarification, we will notify you through your online Square dashboard, by email and by text message.

What happens to my transactions?

You can continue accepting payments during the review process, but depending on the type of review, you may not be able to initiate or receive transfers to your linked account until the review is complete. Once we have the information we need, the review process will take one to two business days. You’ll receive an email and a text message when it’s complete.

What if I don’t have that information?

If you don’t have the requested information or if you’re not sure the documentation we requested applies to your business, consult our Document Request Guide to learn more about which documents you need to provide.

I don’t want to provide this information, do I have another option?

If you don’t want to provide the requested information right now, you can always issue a refund to your customer and find an alternative way to accept their payment outside of Square. If transfers were suspended when you received the request, you will need to complete the review process in order to receive transfers in the future.

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