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Square Secure Profile FAQ

What is the Square Secure profile?

Your Square Secure profile is the place to safely store business documentation within your Square dashboard. Everything you upload is completely encrypted and private.

Why do I need a Square Secure profile

When you fill out the “Business Owner Information” section of your Square Secure profile, you confirm your identity with us. The “Business Documents” portion allows us to form a clear idea of what type of business you run and the kinds of transactions you typically make. All this helps us to spot unusual activity and keep you safe from fraudsters.

What does Square Secure do with the information I add to my profile?

Thanks to your profile, Square Secure will have resources to assess your business for potential risks, as well as spot suspicious activity on your account.

Does Square charge an additional fee for the Square Secure service?

No. The Square Secure profile and the protections it provides are included with your Square account.

How do I access my Square Secure Profile?

You can view and upload documents to your profile here. From there, you’ll be able to edit the personal and business information for your profile.

Am I required to create/complete a Square Secure profile to make transactions using Square?

The Square Secure Profile is an optional tool we offer for your protection, not a mandatory process.

We do, however, encourage you to create a Square Secure profile and fill it out as completely as possible so we can work together to keep your account safe. The optional Square Secure Profile makes the review process more expedient. If your account is being reviewed by Square’s Account Services team, you will receive an email notification that will direct you to an urgent form to fill out. 

If I complete the Square Secure profile, does it mean I won’t ever be asked for more information?

While a complete profile gives us much of the information we need to familiarize ourselves with your business, we may ask for clarification or additional documentation in certain cases.

What if I don’t have one of the documents the profile form asks for?

The Square Secure Profile is not mandatory, so you’re not required to provide every type of documentation requested (unless you are personally contacted by Square for specific information). However, it’s in your best interest to upload whatever documentation you do have.

The Business Owner Information requested in your profile is standard identification that simply confirms that you are who you say you are.

The business documents asked for in your Square Secure Profile fall into two categories:

  • Transaction Information: These include contracts, invoices, receipts, credit card authorizations, proof of address and cancellation policies. Some may not apply, e.g. the nature of your business may not involve contracts or invoices for most transactions. We encourage you to upload whatever documentation you actually do use, such as receipts.

  • Legal: These documents, including permits and registration, are those required by your government to legally run a business. Even if you don’t elect to upload them to your Square Secure profile, you DO need them to run a legal business. The specific documentation required varies based on where your business is located. Contact your local government institutions for the necessary forms and applications. You can learn more about the business documentation we request here.

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