Shared Cards with Automatic Receipts

Cardholders can choose to receive [automatic receipts by email] (https://squareup.com/help/article/5212) for purchases from sellers that use Square. This allows cardholders to enter their email address once, and then when they use the same credit card, they will automatically get a receipt sent to that email after any purchase made with any Square seller.

Square securely associates payment information with the email address entered for a receipt, so customers don’t have to worry about entering their contact information during each sale.

If a card with the same number is shared amongst family members, you can click Manage Preferences from any Square receipt to unsubscribe from automatic receipts. Unsubscribing from automatic receipts will allow you and anyone sharing this payment card number to choose a preferred receipt delivery method during each future purchase at Square sellers, including changing the email that a receipt is sent to after each transaction. You will not be automatically opted-in to automatic receipts unless you choose to do so from a future receipt.

If you’re unsure of the email address associated with a shared card number and you’d like help disassociating it, you can click Not Your Receipt at the bottom of your Square receipt or contact Square Support.

Learn more about unrecognized receipts or receipts received in error.

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