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Use Sign and Tip on Printed Receipts

Allow your customers to sign and tip for purchases on a printed receipt. Sign and tip payments must be settled from the Square app within 36 hours of the transaction.

Note: At the moment, you’re unable to use sign and tip on printed receipts with contactless (NFC) payments.

To use this feature, make sure you’ve connected a printer to your device and have turned on receipt printing in the app. Learn how to connect a receipt printer to an iPad, an iPhone or an Android device.

Note: Sign and tip on printed receipts cannot be used to pre-authorize or verify funds on a payment card. 

Turn On Sign and Tip Receipts

After you’ve connected and configured your device to a compatible receipt printer:

  1. Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the Square app to navigate to the menu, or the down arrow at the top of the Square Register.

  2. Tap Settings > Checkout > Signature & Receipt > toggle Collect Signature on > select Sign on Printed Receipt.

  3. Choose the receipt format: Traditional or Quick Tip receipts. Note: The Traditional Receipt has a tip, total and signature line, allowing your customers to leave a custom tip amount. With a Quick Tip receipt, customers choose from three tip options by simply checking a box.

  4. To automatically print a customer copy of the auth slip, toggle on Print Additional Auth Slip

  5. Go back to Settings > Checkout > tap Tipping > toggle Collect Tips on. 

  6. Select either Smart Tip Amounts or Set Percentage Amounts. You can also toggle on Allow Custom Amounts to let your customers write in a custom tip.   

Note: Signature & Receipt settings are specific to the account they’re associated with and not the device. E.g. If you update the settings on one device, the updates will affect all other devices logged in to the same account.

Settle Payments in the Square App

After you’ve completed a payment with a signed receipt, you can settle the transaction and record the final payment amount. You have 36 hours to add a tip and settle the transaction. There are two options for settling your payments:

  • Add tips and settle transactions individually

  • Bulk settle multiple transactions

After 36 hours, all unsettled payments will be automatically settled with a $0 tip. After a payment has been settled, the tip amount can’t be adjusted. Settled sign and tip payments will be included in your next transfer following your transfer schedule. They’ll also appear as completed in your in-app and online sales history and will be included in your Transactions CSV.

Note: If you’re using Team Management, team members can only settle payments they’ve processed by default. Team members with the permission Settle All Transactions Awaiting Tip enabled can settle any payment. Tips are attributed to the team member that processed the payment.

Settle Payments Individually

  1. From the Square app, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner to navigate to the menu or the down arrow at the top of the Square Register.

  2. Tap Transactions. Payments awaiting settlement will have a clock icon.

  3. Tap a payment > enter the tip amount. Note: If you’re using Quick Tip, select from the tip options you’ve enabled. If you’re using Traditional Tip, manually enter the tip amount for each payment.

  4. Tap Add > Settle $ Total.

Settle Payments in Bulk

  1. Visit your in-app Transactions.  

  2. Tap the credit card icon in the top-left corner. 

  3. Tap Tip next to each payment, and enter or select the tip amount.

  4. Tap Settle > Confirm Settle.

View Sales Awaiting Tips Online

To view payments awaiting settlement, visit SalesTransactions in your online Square Dashboard. From the banner at the top of the page, you’ll see the total number of unsettled payments. Click View Transactions to see a full list. Once you’ve added tips and settled payments, these payments will appear in your Transactions CSV. 

Note: You can view payments awaiting tips from your online dashboard, but these payments can only be settled from the Square app.

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