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Square Reader SDK vs. In-App Payments SDK

Are you searching for a payment processor for your iOS and/or Android app? Square has you covered!

Square offers both a seller-facing SDK and a consumer-facing SDK:

In-Person Payments:Reader SDK allows merchants process contactless, chip, and swipe payments with Square’s hardware in your seller-facing app.

In-App Payments:In-App Payments SDK enables customers enter payment information from their personal devices in your consumer-facing app.

Pricing information for payments processed via Reader SDK and In-App Payments SDK can be found in Payments Pricing with Square APIs and SDKs. Review the table below for a side-by-side comparison of intended use cases:

Reader SDK In-App Payments SDK
App Type Seller Consumer
Connects to Square Hardware Yes No
Itemisation No Yes — requires Orders API integration.
Store Customer Data No Yes — requires Customers API integration.
Dashboard Reporting Yes — reports include an optional note and the total transaction amount only (they are not itemised or tied to a customer). Yes
Customisability No — Reader SDK has a pre-built UI. Yes — UI elements like colours and fonts are customisable so that it matches your app.
Card on File Yes Yes — requires Card on File integration.
Works with Multiparty Transactions No Yes — available in US, Canada, UK and Japan.
PCI Compliant Yes Yes
International Availability US only Yes — available in US, Canada, Australia, UK and Japan.
Digital Wallets US only US, UK and Canada
Dedicated Square Dispute Management Team Yes Yes
Next Business Day Transfers Yes Yes
Supported Platforms iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native
Developer Required to Implement Yes Yes

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