15 Business Apps You Can Sync with Square

Our Square App Marketplace is chock-full of business apps from our amazing partners that you can sync up to your Square account. From robust accounting software to inventory management tools and website platforms, you’re sure to find something to help you make running your business easier.

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Here are some of the best apps you can link to your Square account.

Accounting, bookkeeping and invoicing.

Kashoo Cloud Accounting

The only accounting software that syncs Square transactions in real time, the Canadian-based app Kashoo also provides seamless handling of sales, tips, fees and taxes. It’s available anywhere on any device.


Jobber’s cloud-based software helps service businesses get organized and comes complete with mobile apps, powerful scheduling, online invoicing and simple customer management.

Intuit QuickBooks Online

The QuickBooks Online app helps you take care of all your accounting and bookkeeping needs, including robust tools to track your expenses and sales. It’s available in both English and French.


Xero’s accounting app helps you manage bills and expenses, pay your employees and manage your purchase orders.

Online stores.


Get all the tools you need to launch and grow your e-commerce presence. Our integration with Bigcommerce lets you sync your online store sales with your Square Dashboard for easy reporting.


With Weebly, you can create a beautiful e-commerce website that connects to your Square Dashboard. That way, you can see all your online and offline sales in one place to get a quick pulse on how business is going.


Ecwid is a cloud-based tool that syncs seamlessly with Square to help you build an online store. You can set up a store and start selling quickly from your existing site, Facebook page or multiple sites simultaneously.

Inventory management and cost of goods sold.

Stitch Labs

The Stitch Labs app helps you track stock quantities and costs of goods sold through Square and any other channels you sell through, like an online store.


Shopventory is an app with advanced inventory management, costs of good sold, business intelligence and sales reporting. Sync it with Square to get a handle on your profit margin across time period, item or category.

Intrakr Inventory

Intrakr’s web-based inventory management system is designed specifically for small and micro businesses. It provides real-time notifications when your products’ quantities get low or go out of stock and helps you manage costs of goods sold.


Shopseen makes it easy to manage your product listings across all your channels. It syncs with Square Point of Sale, Square Online Store and social media to help centralize your marketing efforts.

Kitchen tools.

Fresh KDS

Fresh KDS, a tablet kitchen-display system that you can sync with your Square Point of Sale, helps streamline your kitchen prep so you can move orders more quickly.


Whisk helps you manage and keep track of all your restaurant’s recipes. The app comes packed with costing and ideal-usage reports.

Connect to other networks.


If This, Then That lets you connect your Square account to other services like Google Drive, your email and Evernote — helping you streamline your day-to-day business tasks.


SumAll combines your Square data with your social media analytics, email campaigns and web advertising to help you analyze how well your marketing efforts are working.