Join the Square Seller Community and Learn from Other Business Owners

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the new Square Seller Community for business owners in Ireland.The Seller Community is an online space built for you to connect with other business owners.It’s a hive of activity where business owners and entrepreneurs share their experiences and solve problems together.

When you join the Seller Community you will:

  • Learn how Square can help you run and grow every part of your business. Subscribe to Square Ireland Product Updates to receive updates about Square’s newest features and tools for your business. These updates might come from the Square team or from your fellow business owners who participated in our Beta program.

  • Get support you can’t get anywhere else: Find answers to common questions about using Square (and we’ll do our best to answer uncommon questions too). When you ask a question on the Community another business owner can reply to share their experience or a member of Square’s Community team will swoop in to help.

  • Meet and collaborate with other sellers: Sign up today to meet and learn from other business owners just like you.

Join the Seller Community

Square is a business solutions provider with a suite of products designed to work with each other seamlessly, saving businesses time and money, reducing inefficiencies from managing multiple systems, and helping businesses start, run, and grow. Irish businesses can now sell online, in-person, or both with Square’s point of sale software and hardware, our e-commerce platform, and our robust business operations tools.