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Around 12 years ago, Garrett Fitzgerald took a leap from a different career into the world of food, co-founding Brother Hubbard. Fueled by a deep love for food and coffee, this shift changed his life. After training and exploring in places like the renowned Ballymaloe Cookery School and vibrant Melbourne food scene, Garrett and his partner noticed a growing desire in Dublin for something unique. This realisation inspired them to create Brother Hubbard, a place offering a special culinary experience with the essence of Middle Eastern flavors and culture.

We sat down with Garrett to delve into the importance of having the right tools to nurture a growing restaurant business.

Square for Restaurants: A Strategic Switch


Successfully running Brother Hubbard involves managing various priorities, from upholding a high-quality dining experience to efficiently handling multiple locations.

As the business expanded, the need for a robust point-of-sale system became evident. Garrett underscores the decision to switch to Square for Restaurants, noting its modern features and alignment with their growth plans.

“Square for Restaurants has proven to be a game-changer compared to our previous experiences. The backend provides invaluable data for better decision-making, especially for managing multiple locations,” says Garrett.

Standout Features that Make a Difference


Garrett values Square’s handheld terminals, kitchen display system (KDS), and efficient staff training processes, emphasising their impact on table management and saving time and money.

“We rarely have the till over or under €3 at the end of the day, which gives me great comfort as a business owner,” Garrett adds.

Square’s remote management features enable Garrett to oversee various aspects of the business from a distance, a crucial element in uncertain times.

Elevating the Customer Experience at Brother Hubbard


Garrett is excited about the positive changes brought by a mobile solution for tableside ordering and payments. It’s all consolidated in one device, making processes quicker and enhancing the overall dining experience.

“While we’re still discovering all its features, Square’s reports are already helping us make smart choices at Brother Hubbard. From managing what’s in stock to scheduling staff and adjusting our menu, Square plays a big part in keeping things running smoothly.”

Square acts as the go-to hub for sales and transactions at Brother Hubbard, efficiently managing finances and freeing up time for other crucial aspects of running the business.

Garrett is confident that Square can adapt to their needs as they explore features like Square Loyalty, envisioning ongoing support for Brother Hubbard as they grow and evolve.

In conclusion, Garrett’s recommendation is grounded in the tangible benefits experienced at Brother Hubbard Cafés.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Square. With four locations and a diverse range of services, we’ve put Square through its paces given the variety of menus and offering, and it has consistently met our expectations. Brother Hubbard is a good measure of Square’s capabilities.”

Check out Brother Hubbard’s website to find one of their cafes near you or follow them on Instagram to get the latest news.