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Reintroducing Square for Retail Settings

This guide will assist you in getting started and making the most out of your experience with the Square for Retail Settings Alpha. The experience outlined below is what you’ll see when you login with your account email and password. In this state you’ll be able to see and edit a larger set of settings Settings for the location and account that you logged into, directly within the Point of Sale. 

However, if you want to experience specific Settings set up for any/each device you’ve set up (eg. “Stock Room”, “Front Desk”) you’ll need to log out and log back in with that device’s device code from the devices section of Dashboard.


We’ve unlocked access to more settings within Square for Retail that will help make running your business even easier than it’s been in the past. You’ll now be able to access settings for your checkout, security, account, customers and more. To start:

  1. Open the Retail Point of Sale App, then tap ≡ More to open up the navigation menu.

  2. Tap Settings.


The Settings page within Square for Retail has search functionality to easily locate settings by searching for common keywords. For example, you can search the word “receipt” to pull up the Signature and receipt section within the Settings page.


Under the Checkout page in Settings, you’ll find general settings and information related to the checkout processes associated with Square for Retail. From sales tax settings to payment types, select the setting in question and update accordingly. For example, if you’d like to edit or update your payment types, select Payment and toggle on/off the appropriate tenders that best fit your business.


The Hardware page in Settings is where you can rename your device or connect and manage any compatible Square and/or third-party hardware needed to run your business. You can select Square Reader, Square Stand or Square Terminal with Square for Retail. You can also connect compatible third-party hardware such as Printers, Barcode scanners, Cash drawers or Scales.


The Security page in Settings is where you can configure which team members can access your point of sale by using their assigned passcodes. To do so, visit Security and toggle on Passcodes and enable Allow Team Passcode. From here, you will be able to edit and update settings for your shared Team Passcode, as well as when a passcode will be required when taking a sale.

Learn more about Team Management.


Under Account in Settings, you’ll have the option to view which email your account is associated with and the location. You’ll also have access to General settings, which allow you to maintain bank account information and transfer settings.


The Customers page in Settings is where you’ll add and manage custom fields associated with customers’ profiles in your Directory. To add a custom field, tap Configure Profiles, then the Add field button, then provide a custom field name before tapping Save. You can also edit and organize all pre-existing custom fields under the Field Type section.


Under the Orders page in Settings, you can manage Order creation and Alerts & Notifications for incoming orders to your Square POS.

  • When you Enable order creation in checkout, you can create orders for in-store and pickup.

  • When you Allow new order notifications, notifications will appear when an order is received.

  • When you Allow curbside arrival alerts, this will alert you when your customer has arrived.


Square Add-ons will not be supported in the Retail Settings Alpha. In the meantime, you can change Settings to add-ons like Invoices, Loyalty and Gift Cards in Dashboard.

Settings to Verify 

As a part of the Retail Settings Alpha, some Settings will be automatically preserved if you’ve set them up on a previous Square Point of Sale, while others may need to be set up again. The table below will help you understand which Settings you should make extra effort, to make sure they are set to your preferred state. 

Settings that Sellers should verify: ❌

Settings that will be preserved ✅

Main Setting Secondary Setting Tertiary Setting Preservation
Favorites Enable or disable new checkout grid
Checkout Taxes Create/edit Tax
Offline Mode Enable/Disable
Order tickets Auto-assign ticket numbers/Enter custom number or name
Payment All Payment Types
Tipping Collect Tips (on/off)
Tipping Smart Tip Amounts
Tipping Set Percentage Amounts
Tipping Calculate Tip after Taxes
Tipping Calculate Tip before Taxes
Tipping Allow Custom Amounts
Tipping Collect tips on signature screen
Tipping Collect tips on separate tipping screen
Signature & Receipt Collect Signature
Signature & Receipt Skip Receipt screen
Customer Management Collect customer Information - after checkout
Customer Management Save card on file in the customer profile
Customer Management Save card on file after checkout
Payment Sounds Allow card network sounds
Hardware All hardware Settings are set on the hardware device
Security Passcodes Be able to edit passcode settings (toggled on/off)
Passcodes Change owner passcode
Passcodes Team passcode
Passcodes Require passcode after each sale
Passcodes Require passcode after backing out of a sale
Passcodes Timeout
Account General Business Information
General Bank Account
General Transfers
Customers Configure Profiles Add Custom Field
Configure Profiles Rearrange/remove visible fields
Cash Management Cash Management (on/off)

SPOS Settings not in Retail POS 

If you use both the Square for Retail POS and the Standard POS, you may notice that some Settings are missing. The table below outlines some Settings that are not present in the expanded Retail Point of Sale Settings and why.

Main Setting Secondary Setting Tertiary Setting Reason
Checkout Quick Amounts Retail POS doesn’t support feature
Payment iPhone Only: General (skip review sale) Retail POS doesn’t support feature
Customer Management Collect customer Information - Before checkout On by default for Retail POS
Customer Management Start sale by adding customer Retail POS doesn’t support feature
Customers Sign-up screen Collect customer data after a sale Retail POS doesn’t support feature
All Add-on Settings

We are also not supporting Add-ons at this time as well as the corresponding Add-on Settings. This will come later in 2023.