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Beta | Square for Retail app Redesign

Square for Retail redesigned the Retail Point of Sale, so you can customize the layout of your catalog and optimize your checkout workflow by visually organizing the items, actions, and functions most useful to you during checkout. This new design is available in Beta now, and we’re accepting more testers.

Get Started

With the new Square Retail Design you’ll have two default pages:

  • Favorites - Discounts, Customers, and Saved Carts will be your default tiles before you customize your layout. Any favorites previously created in Square Point of Sale or Retail will also transfer over.

  • All items - All of your categories will have a tile. Just tap to view items within each category.

Note: Any favorites created in Square Point of Sale or Retail previously will also transfer over.

Customize your pages and grid

  1. Tap and hold any tile to switch to setup mode.

  2. From there, you can move tiles to your preferred layout.

  3. Select Done to save your changes.

Edit Pages

  1. Tap the page title to show the editing icon.

  2. Tap the editing icon next to the page name to edit the page. 

  3. From here, you can add new tiles for items, categories, groups, or actions.

  4. To remove a page, tap Remove Page. This does not delete any items, categories, or discounts from your account, only the page that organizes them.

  5. Tap Add a page to create a new page

Add and edit tiles within pages

You can add and edit tiles for individual items, categories, or actions. 

  • Item: Creates a single item tile. Add multiple item tiles at the same time by checking the boxes by the item name.

  • Category: Creates a tile for a category that will show any items within that category when tapped. Add multiple category tiles at the same time by checking the boxes by the category name

  • Action: Creates a tile for saved carts, customers, discounts, or individual discounts.

To add or edit a tile:

  1. Tap and hold any tile to enter setup mode.

  2. Tap + on any empty tile to create a new tile. Choose between an individual item, category, display group, or action.

Note: Use the Item Library to edit or add images, colors and names to item tiles

Support and Questions

For support using this feature, join our Beta Community. Joining gives you quick and easy access to our team for your feedback, troubleshooting questions, and connecting with other businesses using this feature. You can also email the Beta Team

Interested in joining this beta and providing early feedback? To opt in to this test join the Beta Community and testing group with the link below. We approve requests within a couple of days. You’ll receive a notification when accepted to the testing group, at which time you’ll have the new design to test in the Square for Retail app.

Join this Beta

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