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Sell Directly from Square Photo Studio Images

Photo Studio in your Square Online Overview page allows you to quickly create a checkout link to share your photos and sell your items online. You don’t even need a website to start selling online. To sell a Photo Studio item instantly:

  1. Log-in to the Square Online Overview page.

  2. Choose Photo Studio on the left navigation menu.

  3. Find the item you want to sell and click the Sell this item button.

  4. Enter a Title and Amount.

  5. Select the photo you want to feature.

  6. Click Create link.

  7. Copy the link and share online to start selling your item.

After a link has been created, use the View Link button to view and edit the item title, amount, image used as well as copy the Online checkout link or Embed code. Clicking on the option to Edit this link in your Square dashboard will bring you to the Square Online Checkout page within the online Square Dashboard.

Sharing Checkout Links

Once you’ve copied checkout links, you’re ready to share your links anywhere. Add a checkout link to an email, your social media page, or your blog. Additionally, you can send out a customizable Square Marketing campaignto a targeted customer group.

When a customer clicks the checkout link for an item, they’ll be directed to a single checkout page where they can pay with a card or their choice or Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Managing Checkout Links

Once you’ve created checkout links, you’re ready to start accepting payments online. You can manage all of your links from the Online Checkout section of your online Square Dashboard.

  1. Go to the online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select Create a checkout link in the Online Checkout section. You’ll see the Online Checkout home page, where you can view a list of all of your links and the sales generated from each link for both active and inactive.

Manage from the Item Library

You can also access and enable Online Checkout links for items in your Item Library:

  1. Head to Items in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select the item you want to sell with a checkout link.

  3. Toggle the button to On in the checkout link section.

When you enable Checkout links from your Item Library you have access to more Online Checkout options which include:

  • Enabling a Shipping Fee through Online Checkout Settings

  • Collecting shipping information such as address on the checkout page

  • Enabling online sales tax Online Checkout Settings

  • Displaying Product image on the checkout page

  • Displaying product variants on the checkout page

Note: The blue chain-link symbol means your Online Checkout link is active, and gray indicates your Online Checkout link is inactive.

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