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Square Photo Studio 3-Photo Pack vs 360 Photo

Online shoppers expect professional product photography. Our experts optimize your product images for eCommerce making them perfect for use on your online store, social media, and online marketplaces like Amazon or Google. Clothing, watches, food and drink, take a look at what we can shoot for you.

What is the difference?

3-Photo Pack

High-quality, professional product photography. Tell us how you want your product shot—close ups, different angles, you name it. Images will come as JPG files on a white background and as PNG files on a transparent background.

360 photo

Interactive and engaging, 360 photos let shoppers rotate, pause, even zoom in on a product image for a closer look to help them feel confident in their online purchase. You’ll receive one interactive spin file as well as an mp4 video file of the spin—perfect for selling on social media.

What do I receive when I order?

3-Photo Pack

Three product photos from different angles, retouched, and optimized for online selling. Images will come as JPG files on a white background and as PNG files on a transparent background.

360 photo

When you order a 360 photo, here’s what happens: once we receive your product, our robotic camera shoots 24-72 images of it as it makes a complete, 360-degree spin. Those images are then converted into a .spin file. You’ll receive a link to a hosted .spin file. You’ll receive a link to a hosted .spin file with the 360 photo of your product and embed code for a hosted .spin file.

How do I use the photos?

3-Photo Pack

You can download your photos from the Photo Studio page in the Square Online Overview page. To do so:

  1. Use the Download All button on a completed order.

  2. Click on the order number to open the details and use the Ready for Download link.

  3. Click on an image thumbnail to see a larger version and use the Download button.

  4. Add the downloaded photo to Items

Photo Studio in your Square Online Overview page also allows you to quickly create a checkout link to share your photos and sell your items online. Learn more about how to sell a Photo Studio item instantly.

360 photo

If you’re a Square Online seller, you can copy and paste your link directly into your product page. If you want to use your 360 photo on other types of pages with Square Online, follow these steps. If you’re not using Square Online, we suggest you embed the file on your page by following your site provider’s instructions. We do not offer videos, GIFs, or the individual images for these files. We’ve found that these can significantly slow down page load speeds and recommend either embedding a .spin file or using our first-party solution.

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