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Convert an Estimate into an Invoice

Once you have sent an estimate, select it to view estimates details > click More > Convert to Invoice.

When sending an estimate, you can opt to have your estimate auto-convert to an invoice once your customer accepts your estimate or save the invoice as a draft to send at a later date. If you choose to have estimates automatically converted to invoices, the invoice title and description will remain the same as the estimate, and the buyer will be able to complete payment upon acceptance.

To turn on the auto-convert feature:

  1. Log in to your Invoices app

  2. Create an estimate. In the Communications section of the estimate creation flow, you’ll see an Automatically convert option

  3. Toggle on Automatically convert.

  4. You will have the option to have the auto-converted invoice be saved as a draft or sent to the buyer automatically.

Note: When an estimate is auto-converted to an invoice, the converted invoice will use the same delivery method as the estimate. So, if an estimate is sent via SMS, the auto-converted invoice will also be sent via SMS.

Invoice default settings are used for fields that aren’t shared in the estimate. For example, Invoice reminders are based on Invoice default settings. You are able to turn this feature off at any time for any estimate.

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