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Square Payroll Human Resources Management

Square Payroll partners with Bambee to help you easily access a dedicated HR manager and a suite of HR software tools. Bambee is a full service outsourced HR team. They can help your business with employee conflict resolutions and terminations, federal and state labor regulation compliance, general HR assistance (from employee handbooks to employee agreements), and Department of Labor claims.

How it Works

Schedule a call with an HR expert after answering a few questions about your business. Your HR expert will help you figure out your HR requirements and what needs updating to make sure you’re compliant with state and federal regulations. Once any problem points are identified, you’ll receive your Bambee Prescription, which is a customized plan for bringing your business up to speed. You will receive your own dedicated HR manager who will help you maintain compliance. Bambee will guide you through every step of the way, and answer every question to make sure you’re covered.

Learn more about Bambee in the Bambee Support Center.

Sign up with Bambee

1. Visit the Bambee for Square Payroll webpage.
2. Complete the brief survey & share your contact information.
3. Schedule a call with an HR expert.
4. Enroll in a Bambee HR plan.

Pricing & Billing

Bambee pricing varies depending on the number of employees on your team. This is because HR requirements vary based on employer size. Bambee offers discounted rates for Square Payroll employers:

  • 1-4 employees = $199/month + $0 one-time Bambee in-depth HR audit

  • 5-19 employees = $299/month + $250 one-time Bambee in-depth HR audit

  • 20-49 employees = $699/month + $500 one-time Bambee in-depth HR audit

  • 50-99 employees = $1,299/month + $750 one-time Bambee in-depth HR audit

Square Payroll customers get a 50% discount on the one-time Bambee HR Audit fee. If your business falls into the 1-4 employee range, the audit fee will be waived.


Can Bambee help me terminate employees?

Yes. Bambee will navigate all high risk HR and termination situations for your business and coach you through the entire process. We’ll also make sure you have all the necessary documents and conform with HR policies going forward, to help prevent mistakes that result in expensive lawsuits.

Will Bambee help my business with its internal HR Processes?

Yes. Our HR experts will help you create compliant policies, procedures, and documents customized for your company; onboarding packages, performance management, and much more.

Can I store my employee documents with Bambee? 

Yes. Bambee provides you with Staff Folders and Smart Cabinet to help you with internal compliance, organization, and record keeping. You can store documents such as employee I-9s, employment policies, employee handbooks, applications and more.

Can Bambee help me with government claims? 

Yes. Your dedicated HR manager will help manage any government agency claims, including unemployment claims, disability, wage and hour, EEOC and more.

Can Bambee help me navigate COVID-19?

Yes. Bambee is committed to helping the small business community tackle the uncertainty caused by coronavirus. Your HR expert can help you with sick leave policy + health questions to avoid, remote & flexible worksite policy, unemployment claims, and more.

Is Bambee integrated with my Square Payroll account?

Bambee HR is not integrated into your Square Payroll dashboard at this time.

How do I get in touch with Bambee?

You can reach Bambee HR Representatives by phone at 877-340-4804 or by email at [email protected] The Bambee team is online Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm PST.

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