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Add a Twitter Feed Badge

Twitter provides an easy to use widget generator so you can share your Twitter activity on your website.

Start by going here:


Type in your Twitter username under “What would you like to embed?”, hit enter, and then choose a style. You can opt to display your timeline, or add a follow, mention or hashtag button. This article uses the tweet timeline as an example.


Once you’ve selected the type of widget, the code will appear below and display a preview. If you’re happy with the way the preview looks, you can copy the code and skip ahead to adding it to your website. If you want to change the appearance, click the link to set customization options.


Changing any of the settings here will automatically update the preview below. Try out different options to see how it looks, and click update when you’re done to generate new code based on your changes. Copy that code, and head over to the site editor. Next, choose a page to display your widget and add an embed code section. Paste in the code you copied from Twitter, then publish your website.

What if you don’t see your tweets on your published site, but instead see an error or a blank space? Make absolutely sure you copied all of the code that Twitter provided. If there are any missing or extra characters, the code will not work as intended.

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