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Square Reader SDK

Square Reader SDK allows you to accept in-person payments using Square’s contactless + chip reader, magstripe card reader, or manually-entered transactions, directly from your app on any supported Android or iOS device. Unlike the Square Point of Sale API, with Reader SDK you won’t need to switch to the Point of Sale app to process payments — making your checkout flow faster and easier than ever.

Get Started with Square Reader SDK

For information on getting started with Reader SDK, take a look at the Square Developer Doc.

International Availability

Square Reader SDK is currently limited to US Square accounts.

If you plan to process payments outside of the US, visit Square Point of Sale API to learn about processing in-person payments with Square hardware from your custom iOS or Android app.

Square Reader SDK Fees

Please note, fees for processing payments with Reader SDK are different than the associated fees for Square Point of Sale or Point of Sale API.

Processing fees for Reader SDK:

2.5% + 10c: per swipe, dip, or tap
3.5% + 15¢: per manually-entered transaction

Sandbox and Square Reader SDK

At this time, sandbox is not available for testing Reader SDK transactions. If you are testing your Reader SDK integration, you can process a card payments for $1, and then issue a refund from your online Square Dashboard or Connect v2 refund endpoint.

Note: If you haven’t already, make sure to sign into your online Square Dashboard and click Activate Card Processing to start accepting payments.

To learn more about Square’s API features, take a look at our Developer Doc.

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