Why aren’t my customers seeing the option to pay with Square Installments?

If your customers are not seeing the option to pay over time on their invoice, check out the tips below.

Please know that Square Installments is only available to eligible Square merchants, so your business may not have this payment option enabled.

Interested in offering Square Installments? Find out more about whether Square Installments is right for your business.

Invoice Eligibility

Eligible customers can select to pay your Square Invoices between $150 and $10,000. Therefore, customers will not see the option to pay using Square Installments if the invoice amount falls below $150 or above $10,000.

Disable Tipping

At this time, invoices that have tipping enabled are not qualified to be financed using Square Installments. You can disable tipping directly from your Square Dashboard or Point of Sale app.

From your Square Dashboard:

  • Head to the Invoices tab on your Square Dashboard.
  • Select the invoice you’d like to update and click the Edit button.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the invoice and uncheck the Allow Customer to add a tip box.

From your Square Point of Sale App:

  • Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner and select the Invoices tab.
  • Select the invoice you’d like to update and tap Edit.
  • Scroll to the bottom of your invoice and toggle off Allow Tips.
  • Tap Send.

Recurring Invoices

Recurring invoices won’t have the option to pay using Square Installments.

Expired Invoice

Check to make sure the invoice you sent to your customer hasn’t expired. If it has, simply create and send a new invoice keeping the above tips in mind.

Deposit Requests

If you sent your customer an invoice that requests a deposit, they won’t see the option to apply for the program until they’re ready to pay the remaining balance of the invoice. Please note that the option for Square Installments won’t show up when they pay for the deposit.

Still Not Seeing Square Installments as a Payment Option?

If you have followed the tips above and your customers are still not seeing the option for Square Installments, please contact us.