Square for Retail and Weebly FAQs

With the Square for Retail and Weebly integration, you can seamlessly sell from both your physical location and online — so your business can meet your customers where they prefer to shop. Below you’ll find answers to common questions about the Square for Retail and Weebly integration.

What’s the best way to manage Square for Retail and Weebly?

To make sure your catalogue and inventory sync correctly, updates should be made from your Square account. Item information will automatically push from your Square for Retail account to your Weebly online store, but some information won’t update in Square if you initiate the change in Weebly. For example, item images and stock amounts won’t update in Square if you update from your Weebly dashboard.

What is the monthly billing for Weebly?

In addition to your Square for Retail subscription, your Weebly online store will be $25 per month, billed through Square. You can view your subscriptions at any time on you online Square Dashboard.

How do I log into my Weebly account?

You can log into your Weebly account from the home screen of your online Square Dashboard by selecting Apps on the left-hand navigation pane > selecting eCommerce from the drop down > Weebly.

I opted to sell online with Weebly, why am I not seeing my Weebly account?

When you opt to sell online with Weebly, a new window will populate so you don’t lose your place on your Square Dashboard. Please make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.

Why isn’t my item library syncing?

Your Square item library will automatically sync with Weebly once you permit access, but it can take 1 - 2 minutes.

Why didn’t I receive notification when my customer placed an order?

Depending on your email provider, notifications will sometimes be filtered to your spam folder. Double check your spam and add Weebly’s email address no-reply@editmysite.com to your contacts.

Why are my item images not showing up in Square?

Item images added in Square will automatically push to your Weebly account — however, the item image sync does not work from Weebly to Square. Add your item images to Square first to automatically sync to your Weebly online store.

Why are some of my items not syncing with Weebly?

If some of your items are not syncing to Weebly, check the item price. Variably priced items are not supported in the Weebly online store.

Will my item modifiers carry over from Square to Weebly?

Not at this time.

Where do I see my subscription billing?

Your Weebly subscription is managed by Square. You can view your monthly bill from your online Square Dashboard.

Note: Although Square manages your Weebly billing, additional features such as custom URLs and G Suite subscriptions are managed by Weebly directly.

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