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WindFall Stand for iPad 2 Mobile Kit Setup Guide

Included in the Kit

Heckler WindFall Stand
Square Reader for magstripe
Bluetooth receipt printer
Receipt printer paper


Cash drawer
Bluetooth bar code scanner
Security lock, wire, and anchor point

Set Up Your WindFall Stand

Follow these steps to assemble your kit:

Step 1. Download our free point-of-sale app

If you haven’t already, download Square Point of Sale from the App Store to your iPad.

Step 2. Connect to the Internet

Connect to the Internet

For complete mobility, connect to the Internet with an iPad cellular data plan. If you don’t have access to cellular data, you can connect to a Wi-Fi signal or use Offline Mode in the Square app.

Step 3. Secure your iPad

Secure your iPad

Use the provided L-shaped hex key to unscrew the top two screws on the face of the WindFall Stand. Slide the iPad inside and refasten the screws to keep it in place. Make sure the iPad’s headset jack is on the right. If you purchased the security lock, wire, and anchor point, go ahead and get things locked down. Superglue the anchor point to your device, slip in the lock, and then loop the wire around a fixed point and attach it to the lock.

Step 4. Set up Square Reader

Set up your Square Reader

All you have to do is plug your Square Reader into the iPad’s headset jack.

Step 5. Connect your receipt printer

Connect your receipt printer

Remove the back panel on the receipt printer to load the batteries inside. Hold down the button on the printer to turn on Bluetooth. Next, turn on Bluetooth from your iPad settings. When your receipt printer pops up on the list of available devices, select it.

Step 6. Add paper to your printer

Lift the lever on the top-right side of your printer, open it up, and rest the printer paper inside. The trick is to keep the roll underhand, leave a little slack, and then shut the top with some paper sticking out. Once you get a solid green light, it’s good to go.

Step 7. Set up your cash drawer (optional)

You can set your cash drawer next to your iPad. Use the included manager keys to open the drawer after every cash sale.

Note: Because the cash drawer doesn’t connect directly to the Bluetooth printer, it won’t automatically open after cash sales.

Step 8. Connect your bar code scanner (optional)

Connect your bar code scanner

Use a coin to remove the back panel on the bar code scanner, load the batteries inside, and snap everything back in place. Hold down the button on the scanner to turn on Bluetooth. Go to your iPad settings, make sure Bluetooth is turned on, and then select the scanner to pair.

Step 9. Test it out

Test it out

Open your Square Point of Sale app. Tap the three lines on the bottom left to access the Settings sidebar menu.

Tap Settings > Hardware > Printers. From here, you’ll see all available printers. Select your printer from the list and make sure to turn on Receipts, Order Tickets, and/or Order Ticket Stubs.

Then tap Bar Code Scanners and make sure your scanner appears in the list of connected devices. Test it by scanning a bar code.

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