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Send Invoices via Text Message

Square Invoices can be sent via email, text message or manually. Sending Invoices via text message gives you added flexibility and visibility for both you and your customers.

Before you get started, ensure there is a valid mobile phone number in the customer's profile. Customers can opt-out of text message updates in case they no longer wish to receive text message updates about their invoice.

Note: Automatic reminders and additional recipients are not supported when you select Text message as a delivery method.

Sending and Invoice via Text Online

  1. Go to Invoices in your Square Dashboard.

  2. Create a new invoice, estimate or recurring series.

  3. Be sure to enter the invoice information, such as:

    • Create a customer or add an existing from your Customer Directory.

    • Invoice title, optional invoice ID and message.

    • Select your date of service (if applicable), the invoice frequency and the send and due date.

  4. Add the line items and discounts (if applicable).

  5. Select your payment options.

  6. Under "Communication," choose to share via Text message. 

  7. Once you've reviewed the invoice, select Send in the upper right-hand corner and a popup will appear asking to confirm that you received consent from your customer to send the text message.

Sending and Invoice via Invoices App

  1. From your Invoices app, tap + and select Invoice, Estimate or Recurring Invoice.

  2. Enter the invoices information such as "Bill to", "Line items", "Payment schedule", "Payment method", and "Details".

  3. Under "Communication", tap Delivery method.

  4. Tap Share by text message then tap the back arrow.

  5. Preview the invoice, then tap Send invoice.

  6. Tap Confirm if you have your customer's consent to receive an invoice via text message.

Customer Text Opt-Out

Your customers will receive a welcome text message with instructions to opt out of receiving messages. You will receive an email alerting you and you will see that your customer opted out in the Invoice Timeline.

Once a customer opts out you will not be able to send them an Invoice via text message again unless they opt back in.