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Display PDF Files on Your Square Online Site

Customers and visitors can go to your Square Online site to view and download a menu, instructional manual, template and much more from a PDF file.

Display a PDF File on Your Site


To display a PDF file on your site:

  1. From your Square Online site editor, open the page you want to add a PDF file to.

  2. Select +Add > Section and select PDF.

  3. In the editing panel, expand the PDF embed option and upload your file. Note: The PDF file should be no larger than 50 MB.

  4. Complete your edits and Publish your site to see the changes live.

Learn more about adding sections to your Square Online site.

Edit Section Settings

Use the editing panel to customise your PDF section. Options include the section title and description, buttons that allow you to download the file or add a link and changing the section layout and style.

Live Experience

There are several options for viewing and interacting with the PDF file on your live website. Visitors will be able to navigate pages, zoom in or out, search the file, see a document outline or thumbnail view and more.

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