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Display PDF Documents on Square Online

You can display a PDF file on your Square Online site with an option to download it, such as menus, templates, catalogues and much more.

Add a PDF Section

To display a PDF file on your site:

1. In your Square Online site editor, open the page you want to add a PDF file to.
2. Select +Add > Section, and select PDF.
3. Select the section to see the different aspects of it you can customise further.
4. Complete your edits, and Publish your site to see the changes live.


Edit Section Settings and Upload a PDF File

Use the menu on the left to edit the settings for the PDF section. Mouse over the options in the list to see the corresponding area in the section highlighted. Click on an item to view and edit the settings.

Under Content, you can change the following settings:

  • Section title: Change the font style, colour and size for the section title. You can also toggle this off if you wish.

  • Section description: Change the font style, colour and size for the text below the section title, or turn it off via the toggle.

  • Download button: Change the style and colour of the file download button. This button automatically links to whatever PDF file you upload. To change the text, click directly on the button, select the text and replace it with your own.

  • Secondary button: Change the style and colour of the secondary button. You can add a link to any page on your website or an external website. Again, click on the button and select the text to type your own.

  • PDF embed: Upload a PDF file or replace a file you’ve previously uploaded. Max size for PDF files is 50 MB.

Under Customise, you can change the following settings:

  • Layout and colour: Change the alignment and colours for the section.

  • Background: Change and adjust the background colour or image.

Learn more about adding sections to your pages.

Publish Your Website to View the File

Be sure to publish your website to make the PDF available to visitors. When interacting with the PDF, there are several options for viewing and navigation, including zoom, document outline and thumbnail view, search and more.

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