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Send Digital Customer Contracts with Square Appointments

With Square Appointments, you can automatically send digital contracts once a new appointment is booked with your business, by enabling this feature on your Appointments Dashboard.

Create custom contract templates to fit your unique business needs, such as COVID-19 liability waivers or general service agreements. This will allow you to easily and safely receive and track customer agreements from your Appointments Dashboard.

You can choose to have contracts sent to customers who book at all locations, or only at certain locations, and choose a template type per location.

Before you send your customers a contract, you will need to create a Contracts template.

Create Contract Templates

Create your own contract template or build an entirely new contract template from scratch to meet the needs of your business.


To create your contract templates:

  1. Go to your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to Account & Settings > Business > Contract Templates.

  3. You can choose to create a custom template from scratch or build a custom template based off of one of Square’s predefined templates.

  4. Select New template under Custom templates to create a custom template from scratch. To create a custom template based off of one of Square’s predefined templates, select the Square template you want to start with from Standard templates.

  5. Click Duplicate, and add details into the Template information and Contract information sections > Next.

  6. Add the clauses you want to apply to the contract. Custom templates require you to include at least one clause in order to save.

  7. Review and click Next to save your template. Your custom template will be available to use after this.

Enable Digital Customer Contracts

Contracts digital

To turn on the ability to send contracts upon booking:

  1. Navigate to your Appointments Dashboard > Settings.

  2. Select Communication, and turn on Send Digital contracts to all customers upon booking.

  3. Select the appropriate contract template. If you have multiple locations and want contracts to be sent at booking for all locations, be sure to select the template for each location. If you do not select a template for a location, then contracts will not be automatically sent for bookings for that location.

  4. Save.

Your contract template must contain at least one clause for it to be automatically sent.

Note: Your customer’s email must be added to the appointment for the contract to be automatically sent to them after the booking is made.

Customers will need to successfully complete the two-factor authentication process through their email before they are able to review and sign the contract. They will need to access the contract from the exact email address provided. If your customer is having trouble accessing the contract, we suggest re-confirming the email provided in the contract.

Read more about sending contracts.

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