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Square Online Product Images


Product images are a key element of a successful ecommerce website. Customers can’t physically interact with items in your online store, so having a good visual reference can mean the difference between an abandoned basket and a completed purchase.

Note: If your items already have images assigned in your Square Item Library, they’ll sync automatically to Square Online (and vice versa).

Add Product Images

Images of your products are oftentimes a customer’s first exposure to what you sell online, so it’s very important to be strategic with them before uploading them to your website. To add product images to your items in Square Online:

  1. In your Square Online Overview page, go to Items > Site Items.

  2. Select an item from your list or add a new item by selecting Create new item.

  3. Under Media, add images to your item.

  4. Complete all other edits to your item and select Save when finished.

Use the method above to add still images, GIFs and 360 spin animations. If your site is already published, your photos will automatically show up on the live item page when you save your changes. Customers can select an image to zoom in, and if you’ve added more than one, they can use the thumbnails to switch views.

Supported Image File Types

We support the following file types for product images in Square Online:

  • .jpg

  • .png

  • .gif

  • .spin

Note: Individual file size can be up to 25 MB.


Do I need a professional camera, or can I use my mobile device to take photos of my products?

You can use your mobile device. Most modern phones and tablets are equipped with a camera that can take very good photos, but image quality is dependent on your device.

What’s a .spin file and how can I make one?

A .spin file is perfect for when you want to provide a 360-degree view of an item. The file is stitched together using 24 to 72 images to give a complete view of your product.

What size do my photos need to be?

A good rule of thumb is to aim for a size of 600-800 pixels on the longest side with a maximum size of up to 1,000 pixels on the longest side. The image zoom feature on your live item page won’t activate for images that have a width or height that’s less than about 700 pixels, so that’s something to keep in mind as well.

What’s a good image ratio for product images?

Product image ratio really comes into play on your ordering and category pages where items are displayed alongside each other in rows. The product image ratio setting applies to all of your product photos, so consistency is more important than using a specific aspect ratio.

To choose your aspect ratio for all of your Square Online item images:

  1. In your Square Online Overview page, go to Items > Item Preferences or Shared Settings > Item Preferences.

  2. Under Layout, select Edit and choose your item image ratio.

  3. Select Save when finished.

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