Get Started with Subscriptions on Square Payment Links

Square Payment Links

Accept payments quickly and securely with payment links.

With Square Online Checkout, you can set up one payment link with the subscription feature enabled. Instead of using Square Invoices for recurring payments, you can use the subscription payment link to accept weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual payments from multiple customers with a single payment link. You can also self-select which specific checkout links your customers can pay through.

There is no monthly fee for using Square Payment Links for receiving subscription payments. You only pay the Square standard eCommerce processing fee.

Create a Subscription

For payments and donations

To create subscription payments from your computer with Square Payment Links:

  1. From your Square Payment Links home page, select Create a link.
  2. Choose either Collect a payment or Accept a donation.
  3. Enter a name for your link that’ll be displayed to the customer. If prompted, enter the amount you want to charge.
  4. Accept recurring payments by choosing the frequency you want to collect them (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.).
  5. Select Advanced settings to toggle on Allow buyer to set the price (best when accepting donations).
  6. In Advanced settings, add two optional custom fields that can be used for whichever fulfilment needs you may have (e.g. collecting delivery address, coffee flavour choice, etc.). Whatever you enter as the custom field title will be requested from the buyer on the payment link.
  7. Select Save to create the payment link, and select Copy to share the link anywhere.

When you create links to collect payments, the new subscriptions will appear in your Dashboard’s Square Order Manager with your other orders.

For Items

You can sell an item with a subscription through Square Payment Links. From Subscriptions in Dashboard, add a payment link to a plan. The payment link is then available on the Square Payment Links dashboard, where you can preview the link for the subscribable item. Learn more about how to create subscriptions in your Square Dashboard.


What if my customer wants to cancel their subscription?

All customers can cancel their subscriptions from each automated email they receive when a scheduled payment is made. Your customer will receive a confirmation email once a subscription is cancelled.

How will my customer get a receipt?

Once they’re signed up for a subscription, all customers paying through Square Payment Links will receive a welcome email with the details of their subscription plan, frequency of their payments and dates their card on file will be charged. If there’s no card on file, your customer will be notified that an emailed invoice will follow shortly.

How do I view all of my customers’ active subscriptions?

You can manage or disable any active subscriptions from the Subscriptions tab of your online Square Dashboard.

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