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Manage Your Square Invoices

Filter Invoices

Filter and view invoices by status from your online Square Dashboard and the Square Point of Sale app. Filters include:

  • Sent: Unpaid, Overdue, Paid, Refunded, Cancelled, and Failed invoices.

  • Outstanding: Unpaid, Overdue, and Undelivered invoices.

  • Paid: All invoices that are Paid, and fully or partially Refunded.

  • Payment Pending: A temporary status applied to an invoice that’s in the process of being paid.

  • Scheduled: Includes the next Recurring invoice instances that haven’t been sent, as well as normal Scheduled invoices.

  • Drafts: Drafted invoices that have yet to be Sent or Scheduled.

Filters for Recurring Invoices include:

  • Active: Active recurring series with scheduled invoices.

  • Ended: Recurring series with all scheduled invoices sent, or a series that’s been manually ended.

  • Drafts: Drafted recurring invoices that have yet to be Sent or Scheduled.

You can also locate specific invoices by searching across the following fields:

  • Customer Name

  • Customer Phone Number

  • Customer Email Address

  • Customer Billing Address

  • Customer Company Name

  • Invoice ID

  • Invoice Title

  • Invoice Message

  • Line Item Names

Print and Share Invoices

Share an invoice (either online or by printing it) by following the steps below:

  1. Visit Invoices in your online Square Dashboard > create a new invoice.

  2. In the payment drop-down, select Share Invoice Manually > select a payment due date.

  3. Finish filling in the invoice > click Create.

  4. Click Share Link to share the invoice with your customer(s) via email, text message or any social media channel.

  5. Click More > Download PDF to save the invoice as a PDF or print it for your customer.

Note: Printing an invoice isn’t available on mobile browsers at this time.

Edit Your Default Settings

You can change the following default settings for new invoices from the Invoices App only:

  • Invoice Title: Set a shared title between all your invoices.

  • Message: Add a default message that will appear on your invoices.

  • Invoice Method: Select between sending your invoices by email, SMS or by sharing them manually.

  • Send: Choose a default frequency to send your invoices.

  • Due: Select when the invoice will be due (upon receipt or in a certain number of days).

  • Reminders: You’ll be able to schedule payment reminders for your invoices. Select Edit Reminders to modify reminder frequency and create new reminders. Note: Once an invoice has been paid, reminders will no longer be sent. Reminders will not be sent for invoices that are delivered via text message. 

  • Delivery Address: Tick the box to request a delivery address in your invoices.

  • Tipping: Tick this box to give your customers the option to add a tip when paying for the invoice.

  • Card on File: If selected, customers will have the option to save their payment card when paying the invoice. If they do so, you’ll have the option to charge future invoices to the saved card instead of sending the invoice for payment.

You can also configure the following from the Settings page of your online Square Dashboard:

  • Invoice Customisation: Change your company’s logo (framed or full-width), brand colour and business information from the Account & Settings tab of your online Square Dashboard.

  • Inventory Management: Enable inventory management for invoices in the Items Settings tab of your online Square Dashboard.

  • Team Management: Customise your team’s permissions and access to creating invoices from the Team section of your online Square Dashboard.

  • Get Free Processing: Whenever someone new joins Square with your referral code, you will both receive the reward offer. Toggle on Show referral banner on invoice email so your referral link will be added to your future Square Invoices receipts automatically. Learn more about Square’s Referral Programme.

  • Auto-Convert Estimates to Invoices: You can opt to have individual estimates automatically convert to an invoice once your customer accepts your estimate. If you enable this feature, the invoice title and description will remain the same as the estimate, and the buyer will be able to complete payment upon acceptance. Note that this feature is only available through Square Dashboard and on iOS devices.

Note: These settings can be overridden on individual invoices.

To edit your default settings:

  1. Visit Invoices in your online Square Dashboard and click Settings.

  2. Select Defaults and make any changes you’d like. Note: If you have multiple locations, select the correct one at the top of the page > click Save.

Invoices Settings

Invoice Customisation Options with Templates

With Square Invoices Pluss, you can customise your Invoices with invoice templates or set a default template to use when creating a new invoice. Invoice templates automatically fill in your invoice information, decreasing the amount of time and effort you’ll spend creating invoices. With each unique template, you can:

  • Customise basic details: Add an invoice title and message that will be visible to your customer.

  • Save a default custom message: Add your terms of service, cancellation policy, return policy or any other personalised message to your customised invoice in the Message field.

  • Choose your payment settings: Pick your default payment settings for your invoices, such as setting your accepted payment methods, using card on file with a Square Invoice and adding a tipping option.

  • Add item-level notes: Add your item, select Customise, and go to the Note section. Be sure to hit Save once you’ve selected your price point and taxes and added your note.

  • Share your invoice: Choose how you’ll send your invoice to your customers – via email or manually. You can also schedule payment reminders to be sent to your customer.

  • Add custom fields: You can add a custom field – such as terms of service, cancellation policy, return policy or any other personalised message – to your invoice and choose its placement within the template.

Read more about invoice templates and Square Invoices Plus in our Support Centre.

Edit Your Notification Settings

With Square Invoices, you are able to choose if you want to receive an in-app or email notification every time an invoice or estimate is sent, updated, paid or cancelled, as well as when an invoice reminder is sent.

You can change your notification preferences directly from your online Square Dashboard.

To do so:

  1. Visit the Invoices tab of your online Square Dashboard and click Settings.

  2. Select Notifications and make any changes you’d like > click Save.

Note: All settings modified from your online Square Dashboard will also be reflected in your mobile devices. Only accounts with Owner and Administrator-level permissions will receive email and push notifications.

Edit, Cancel or Archive Invoices

Edit an Invoice

  1. Navigate to Invoices in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click on the desired invoice.

  3. Click Edit to update the invoice details.

Cancel an Invoice

To cancel an invoice, select the invoice and click More > Cancel > Confirm Cancellation.

To cancel a recurring series, select the invoice and click View Series > End Series > Confirm.

If an invoice has already been fully paid, you can’t cancel or delete it from your payment history, but you can issue a refund to balance your books.

When cancelling a partially paid invoice, the previously paid amount will not be refunded. If you wish the paid amount to be refunded, you will have to do so manually.

Note: When you issue a refund for an invoice sold with a decimal quantity, you will need to refund the entire item.

Note: For your protection, Square can occasionally cancel an invoice if there have been too many failed attempts to pay it. You may duplicate the cancelled invoice and send it to your customer again. Please verify your customer’s identity since the transactions have been declined by the card issuer, not Square. Learn more about potential scams and how to accept payment cards safely.

Archive an Invoice

You’re able to move invoices, including those cancelled and unpaid, into a separate archive to help you stay organised and hide older or less relevant invoices.

To do so:

  1. Navigate to Invoices in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click on the three horizontal dots next to the desired invoice > Archive.

  3. Select Archive Invoice to confirm.

In case you want to restore an invoice, select Unarchive from the drop-down menu.

To view all archived invoices, click on All Invoices at the top, and select Archive from the menu.

Note: archiving an invoice will not affect reporting metrics or reminders set for that invoice.

Record Payment

If you receive a payment for an invoice outside of Square Invoices, you can mark the invoice as paid from your dashboard. To do so, select the invoice > from the details page, click Record Payment. No processing fees are applied when an invoice is recorded.

If your customer wants to pay their invoice in person, you can accept payment right through your Square Point of Sale. Learn how to accept payments for your invoices through the Square Point of Sale app.

Team Management and Square Invoices

If you’re using Square’s Team Management features, you can also give your team members access to creating invoices online. To do so, make sure the following permissions are enabled for the appropriate permission sets:

  • Invoices access is checked.

View Your Outstanding Invoice Report

With Square Invoices you can view a list of customers who have outstanding invoices, the total amount you are owed across all customers, as well as filter for a specific customer.

You will also be able to view how many days each invoice is overdue, send your customers a reminder to pay the outstanding balance or view a filtered list of outstanding invoices for a particular customer. This will help you keep track of your cash flow and view who owes you money and how much, all in one place.

To view your customer’s outstanding invoices:

  1. Navigate to Invoices in your online Square Dashboard and click Reports to view all outstanding invoices.

  2. To view details for a specific customer, enter the customer name in the search bar.

Select the three horizontal dots next to a customer’s overdue amount to send an email reminder to a customer. To do so, click Send Reminder > enter reminder details > Done. You can also select View Invoices to see a list of all outstanding invoices for that customer.

You will also be able to download your reports as a .CSV file. To do so, select Export and a file will download to your computer.

Attach a Contract to your Invoices

You can attach a Square Contract directly to your invoice(s) or estimate(s) from your online Square Dashboard. By associating a contract with your invoice(s) or estimate(s), you’ll have the ability to document a signature-based agreement and establish clear expectations with your customer – increasing your protection against disputed payments.

To get started:

  1. Go to the Invoices tab in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select Create Invoice.

  3. Once you’ve filled out the required invoice details, select Attach a Square contract in the More Options section. Note: You can attach both signed or unsigned contracts, but not drafts.

  4. Use the search tool to select the Square contract you want, then select Save.

Note: Square provides sample templates for you to create your own contract. Square does not provide any legal advice, and we do not guarantee or advise that any contract is suitable for your purposes or enforceable in any jurisdiction. See Square Contracts Terms and Conditions.

Streamline, customise and organise your invoice payments with Square Invoices Plus. Upgrade your plan to access multiple-package estimates, automatically convert accepted estimates to invoices and create custom fields and content templates – all from your Square Dashboard and the Invoices app. Get started with a 30-day free trial.

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