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Your Credit Score and Square Loans FAQ

If you received a Square loan offer and you’re wondering if applying could affect your credit score, review the questions below.

Does applying for a Square loan affect my credit score?

No, applying for a Square loan doesn’t affect your credit score.

Does my credit score impact my eligibility?

No, Square loan offers are based on processing and account history. For additional details about our eligibility process, take a look at Square Loans Eligibility.

Does a Square loan help me build my credit score?

No, Square Loans do not impact your credit score either negatively or positively. We can provide a letter of completion after full repayment of your loan, but you will not see an impact on your credit score.

I have a Square loan. Will you provide a letter of reference?

Square doesn’t provide credit references.

Once my loan is complete, will I receive a letter of confirmation?

We don’t automatically supply a letter of completion, but our team can provide one if requested. To start the process, you can contact us.

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