Manage Menus Across Franchises with the Menu Settings page

The Menu Settings page streamlines the intricate process of managing and customizing menu orchestration. The suite of options offers an easy solution for making configurations tailored to the locations within your franchise system.

To access the Menu Settings page, go to your Square for Franchises dashboard and select Menu Settings under the Franchise Management tab. 

The Menu Settings page includes the following features:

Central menu source 

  • This feature allows you to select base menus for your franchisee locations from your corporate franchise locations.  

  • It is important to create a menu that is properly formatted and adjusted and can be used across your franchise locations. Note: You should choose the menu with the most common items throughout all locations (typically the largest menu) as the Central Menu location.

  • Once the Central Menu source is selected, the menu can be imported in Menu Management within Square for Franchises and later used with associated franchise locations.

  • Selecting a Central Menu source is optional, but is recommended for franchise owners that already have a Square account with a menu. That menu can be imported into Square for Franchises. If you do not have a pre-made menu on Square, create the menu directly on Square for Franchises and use it across your franchise.


You can enable or disable permissions for the franchisees’ ability to modify their menu.

Assigned franchisee locations are given a replicated version of the central menu that is controlled by the franchisor. The franchisor must first select the permissions that they would like to grant to franchisees to update the menu.

Keep in mind enabled permissions cannot impact the original central menu as the franchisees only have access to a replica. 

If the below listed permissions are not enabled, any modifications that franchisees make will automatically be reverted to the original menu. You can decide if you would like to:

  • Allow franchisees to modify item names and descriptions

  • Allow franchisees to modify item prices

  • Allow franchisees to modify item connections

  • Allow franchisees to update SKU

  • Allow franchisees to remove unavailable items at their location

Location specific menu

  • Allow franchisees to add items to their copy of the Central Menu.
    If this is not enabled, new items that franchisees add will be deleted automatically.

Menu change notification

Franchisors can be notified when a franchisee makes a change to their menu. In order to receive notifications, Permissions and Menu change notification must be enabled and email added. If enabled, the franchisor will be notified whenever a change is made in certain locations. This allows franchisors to be informed if any changes have been made at a specific franchisee location. 

  • Franchisor will receive a daily email summary of any menu changes franchisees have made

Assigned locations

  • Click Assign locations to select locations that you would  like to apply the central menu to.

  • Optional Step: Click Assign locations > Assigned Menus to select one or more central menus you would like to apply to the franchisee locations. 

  • The franchisor will be notified on the progress of the menu replication for the selected locations. 

Note: The default Central Menu will be assigned to all franchisee locations if you have not selected otherwise.  

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